Old Friends, New Friends & a Touch of Sorcery @ AFW With Phoebe Wolfe

Gadigal Land

— May 21, 2024 —

Well, hello again! Fashion week is well and truly over, but the memories live on (and on), thanks to our seemingly never-ending line-up of mates who are popping by to reveal what's in their camera rolls.

Next up to share some never-before-seen moments from her wild time at Australian Fashion Week is Director/Photographer/Creative Phoebe Wolfe.

Her photo diary reads like a list of so many of our favourite friends we've featured on this very platform in the past... Kia ora Noah Tumataroa, Char MoffatReem ElnourJoel Lumbroso, Plus she's introducing us to some new faces like Emanuel Jurado and Jade Baya.

Might we note, she somehow managed to simultaneously capture so many cute looks outside the Alix Higgins show while covering off the entire line-up of magical looks backstage — sorcery!

Enjoy her spellbinding work above, then say hi to Phoebe below.


Name: Phoebe Wolfe
Nickname/Alias: Cub Motion
Star Sign: Capricorn

For those who don’t already know you, can you give us your elevator pitch:
Hello! My name is Phoebe, I’m a filmmaker working on Gadigal land. Currently, I’m in post-production on my new film, Purity which is set for release later this year. For the past few years, I’ve shot motion in the fashion and beauty space, where I’ve met so many talented Aussie designers. Whenever fashion week rolls around, I love to whip out my film camera and run around backstage, cheering them on!

Best song/soundtrack you heard backstage/at a show: 
The 80s radio mix by Elliot Shields for Em On Holiday. I don’t know if it’s been released online, but I’ll leave you with 'Pure Shores' by All Saints!

Most surprising thing about the fashion week this year? 
So many micro shorts and micro mics!

Best new person you had the pleasure to meet backstage/during the week: 
I was sat next to Kacey Heywood, the founder and creative director of Error404 Store one show. She’s so much fun, and a champion of emerging Aussie designers.

Top five essentials in your fashion week purse/backpack: 
Camera, rolls of film, sunglasses, coffee cup, and lip balm.

Coolest look you saw outside the shows? 
The crowd outside Alix Higgins is always the coolest to me, purely for its homage to the designer himself. I feel like his work attracts such a diverse range of styles, it’s so cool to see the different ways his work is interpreted outside of the runway.

What was your first impression when you walked backstage at Alix Higgins? 
Someone turn on 'Sexy Boy' by Air <3

Favourite look from his show: 
My favourite look was worn by the beautiful Tilly Main, her arms flowing free beneath the oversized long sleeves of a navy striped polo, her legs in the baby pink tube of a very-Alix-printed maxi skirt. The look, among a few others, was accessorised by a tunic, one of my favourite statements of the week.

Favourite new emerging designer of the week? 
I was really impressed by Amy Lawrance’s mid-century inspired collection, which at first glance looks paper thin. You might be drawn in by the gorgeous bonnets and sailor hats tied with string, but it’s the pleat details and almost sculptural silhouettes that leave you asking, “Who did this and how?”

Best statement made at a show: 
Janet Anderson opening for Nicol & Ford!

Describe what’s going through your head getting dressed to head to a show: 
My first instinct was to dress comfortably, although that wouldn’t be true at all. When shooting backstage, I always find myself running up and down the galleries in 5-inch heels. This year, I mainly stuck to loafers except for a day when I wore the cutest vintage Prada heels from Kiko Vintage. Obsessed!

Best TikTok/YouTube/reel/meme to sum up your week: 
The wonderful chaos of Emma Kate Boyd reporting live for Em On Holiday.

What did you do to recoup after fashion week? 
Honestly, I had a very chill FW this year! Feeling grateful to have been able to spend the week celebrating Aussie designers.

What are you looking forward to the most for Australian Fashion Week next year? 
I’ve heard Rube Pedder may be having her first solo show…


Photos: Phoebe Wolfe     
Features Editor: Chloe Hill 

We acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as the traditional owners of the land on which Fashion Week took Place.


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