Christopher Esber’s Resort Collection Will Steal Your Wardrobe’s Heart


— May 15, 2019 —

Apple of our eye, Christopher Esber, was serving up nothing but hits at his Resort ’20 show this year. Staged in Cement Fondu gallery in Paddington, those in attendance were treated to all his consistently bang-on styling tricks (effortless trousers, strategic slits, relaxed draping) with just enough twists and turns to keep everyone on their toes (here’s looking at you, epic crystal-encrusted blazer). 

Being the industry’s greatest mind reader and all, it should really come as no surprise that Christopher once again designed a collection that satisfies every wardrobe need and want we’ve ever harboured. A well-structured power suit that’ll carry you through an otherwise miserable Monday morning meeting? Yup. A cropped white button-up paired with a slinky black skirt that’ll have you feeling like a 90s runway #tb pic? Absolutely. A terracotta and mango knit skirt that’ll remind you of that one time you fell into a three-hour-long ‘Mediterranean architecture’ Pinterest hole? Yeeeyaaa. (Okay, that one might just be us, but still). 

Other key notables: our m8s at Dermalogica kept skin looking plump af, Agi did the most talked-about-blazer-at-fashion-week justice, CPC stunner Aylah opened the show, and rumour has it that audience member Ilkin Kurt was bopping along in her seat to ‘Holiday’ by Madonna as the models took to the runway for the final time. 

Never change, Chris! 

*Actual live footage, enquire within.


Words: Maddy Woon    Photos: Chloe Hill


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