A Hot Minute With: Eris Shaver In NYC

New York

— January 3, 2019 —

Eris Shaver is a good egg. Wise beyond her nineteen years, the Arizonian model/book enthusiast recently made the move over to the Big Apple, where she loves to vintage shop, practise yoga and hole up in Mcnally Jackson’s with a great book in hand. 

While her version of NYC is one that we’d love to immerse ourselves in (see for yourself below), she is the first to admit that the city can be a lonely and competitive place, especially for those new to town. Making good on our hyper-wise claim, these challenges did not deter the yung gun from making the decision to pack up her life and move on her own without a modelling agency or family to rely on. 

When she’s not modelling, you can catch her over on her Instagram writing introspective poems and relatable/lol observations, cooking up a storm with her Trader Joe’s-bought produce, or people watching up a storm. But for now, you can catch her dishing up hot NYC tips below… 

Name: Eris 
Nickname: I’ve never really had a nickname, but now I wish I had one. 
Star sign: Taurus

Where are you originally from, and how long have you been in NYC for?
I’m originally from Arizona and just moved to NYC about two months ago. I had lived here for a month here and there through modelling, but felt like I needed to move here on my own without having to rely on an agency to tell me when I could come. 

How would you describe your experience of NYC so far in three words? 
Lonely, eye-opening, M train. 
Can you list your three top favorite places in NYC to eat and shop, and why are they your favorite?
This is so hard! I love Mcnally Jackson for books and magazines. They curate amazing things and have a space downstairs where you can sit and read. I cook a lot of my own food at home, so Trader Joe’s is also one of my favourite places. Beacon’s Closet is fun to shop at because they have so many unique pieces—it’s like a treasure hunt finding clothes there. 

NYC is such a bustling, busy city. How do you unwind?
This is so true! I make it a priority to have a relaxing morning and night routine to unwind myself from the rise and grind mentality this city has. Some of my favourite ways to unwind are yoga, cooking, and reading. Sleep also helps a lot!  
What’s been the most challenging thing about modeling in NYC? And, about life there in general? And the best thing?
There are many challenges to modelling in NYC, one being that you are always waiting on someone to tell you what to do. The jobs you get, your schedule for the day, when you get paid, in what way you get paid, and even the casting you go to are all determined by someone else. It’s also a very competitive market, so even to get jobs is a challenge. The best thing about modelling is by far all the amazing people I’ve met, from other models to photographers and makeup artists. I feel like I have been opened up to so many new experiences because of modelling that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. 
As for the biggest challenge about life in NYC in general, it would be that it becomes really easy to feel like you aren’t good enough to be here. The best part is the public transportation. The best part is also getting to cross the Williamsburg bridge on the M train at sunset, and being able to cry on the street without anyone thinking there is something wrong with you. 

What do you miss most about home?
My mum for sure! We are incredibly close, so being away from her feels weird to me. We still talk everyday which helps a lot. 

What’s the craziest thing to happen to you since you’ve been there?
Nothing too crazy yet. The one thing that comes to mind is the time where these drunk college kids (who were wearing very cute outfits) dropped a whole bouquet of flowers on the subway floor and then started dancing on the pole of the subway car. It was crazy and really funny to watch the old couple sitting next to me react to it. 

Best place in NYC to… 
Grab a coffee: Sincerely Tommy
Bagel: Hmm… I can’t eat gluten, so I am definitely not the best person to ask 
People watch: Washington Square Park, but honestly everywhere
Be a shameless tourist: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Shop vintage at: The Break
Spend the day walking around: L.E.S
Get a cheap feed: Fruit stands. $1 avocados for life
Workout: Yoga to the People in Williamsburg


Images: Kristen Jan Wong    Words & Fashion: Maddy Woon

Shot on location in New York City


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