A Hot Minute With: Daberechi In London


— November 21, 2019 —

Daberechi Kalu (Dabs) is a Nigerian model currently splitting her time between Lagos and London. The natural-born storyteller has an endless appetite for knowledge and creativity and loves connecting with other people who share this outlook. 

We recently hung out with the beauty in London, where we asked her all sorts of pressing qs like what her star sign is and where we should eat if we wind up in UK’s bustling capital city. What she lacks in Sunday roast recommendations (“Lol, I've never had a sunday roast”), she more than makes up for in wise words and hot tips about where to people watch, see comedy and shop in London. You can get to know her better below… Run, don’t walk! 


Name: Daberechi Kalu
Nickname: Dabs
Age: 21
Star sign: Scorpio

Can you give us the Dabs elevator pitch? 
I'm the sort of person constantly seeking creative expression. I love to learn about new things and find ways that I can create new worlds from them. I love telling stories using different mediums, be it writing, coding, directing or acting.
Where are you from originally and how long have you been in London? 
I'm originally from Lagos, Nigeria, and I've been in London for most of this year.

Why did you decide to move? 
I haven't necessarily moved, I shuttle between here and Lagos depending on what I have to do.  
What’s been the most challenging thing about modelling in London? And, about life in general?
It's a bit stressful because you have to be ready to be on the move. London is a very busy city, and as model here I only know my schedule a day before and that makes it hard to plan out my daily activities. 
And the best thing?
The best thing, I feel, is the people and the diversity. I have been able to meet and connect with so many creatives and that has to be the best thing because it opens up space for new ideas and collaborations.

What do you miss most about home? 
I miss the spicy food! And the warmth! There's no winter in Lagos so this cold out here is really out of my comfort zone. 
What’s the craziest thing to happen to you since you’ve been there?
I can't really think of anything at the moment. I think it might be because my daily life is full of so many crazy and exciting coincidences that I now think of them as a normal part of my life.
What has been your favourite neighbourhood to explore so far? 
I lived in the east for a while and I had a lot of fun exploring the markets and restaurants. 

Best place in London for...

Cheap eats: Street food or a meal deal from Sainsburys or Tesco 
A treat yo’ self dinner: Moonshine 
Drinks: In your room with your friends and cheap wine from Sainsburys
Dancing: Any club with a lit DJ 
People watching: The Tube
Shopping: Charity Shops
A Sunday roast: The comedy club (Lol, I've never had a sunday roast). 

Feature: Madeleine Woon     Photos: Daphne Nguyen    Fashion: Chloe Hill    Makeup: Corinna Wilmshurst

Daberechi is represented by:

Few Models NIGERIA

Shot on location in Victoria Park, London


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