PRETTY COOL: Baby Tapukalanga in Bottega Veneta

Gadigal Land

— December 22, 2022 —

Ah, daydreaming, an activity that evokes the essence of summer like no other. If your imagination is looking for a path to run wild into, let our new pal Baby Tapukalanga lead you towards the best of elevated seasonal dressing.

Think fresh double-denim silhouettes, mustard tones, sharp collars, basket-weave boots... We’ve also got a verdict on the best accessory of the season — it's hope. For that one day, our outfits can too be completed with arm candy in the form of an exaggerated Bottega Veneta Box (the mega-sized accessory is a textured dream), or maybe even a Double Kalimero in pollen yellow.

Might we also add, the French uniform of a white basic with jeans has never looked better. It’s all about the cut, baby!

See below as Photographer Amelia J Dowd and Stylist Monique Moynihan open the doors of accessory heaven for you. Plus, lucky for you — you’ll also get the chance to get to know Baby a lil better. Be nice, and she might even show you the new riff she’s learnt...

Name: Baby Tapukalanga
Nickname(s): Baby
Age: 20
Star sign: Gemini

Where do you live and where do you call home?
I currently reside in Punchbowl! Most commonly known as “The Area”. I’ve honestly grown up here my whole life, and I wouldn't wanna stay anywhere else. Anywhere my family goes is where I call home. My home country Tonga is where I call home! Home is a comfort space, safe haven; it’s easily my family and where I come from.

Coolest thing you’ve learned recently?
I would say driving a manual vehicle, but I’m not gonna lie; I need heaps of practice! So it’ll have to be learning a new riff line on Rihanna's song 'Kiss It Better'!

When do you feel most like yourself?
I feel most myself when I'm listening to music and busting a lil move! There’s something about being in your own world and not caring about anything, just doing whatever. When I'm around my culture is also when I feel like myself; having that familiar space while being caught up in the modern world is comforting, to have!

What does ‘freedom’ mean to you?
Having a healthy balance, spending quality time with people/doing things that matter the most to me. keeping myself grounded, reminding myself of all my blessings and staying open.

Can you tell us about the best podcasts/books/films you’ve consumed recently?
I'm not a huge fan of podcasts or books, but I do love a good film! The most recent film that I've seen (I wish I had seen this earlier, don’t come for me, ahaha) was Interstellar! And let me tell you, I’ve never seen a more captivating film in my life ahaha...

Who would play you in a film about your life?
Oooo this one’s tricky! I wouldn't know really! Probably my best friend, she’s one of the people who know me best and could probably depict everything to a T!

Words to live by:
From the outside looking in, it’s hard to understand From the inside looking out, it’s hard to explain.

It’s so important to treat everyone and everything with kindness because you never really know what goes on in everyone’s lives and how impacting things can be.

What are you most excited about for 2023?
Hopefully cheaper petrol prices and houses! Starting afresh is always nice, so most likely just growing as a person, prosperity for myself and others, expanding my knowledge on everything around me!

Features Writer: Yawynne Yem    Photos: Amelia J Dowd      Fashion: Monique Moynihan     Beauty: Jasmin Lo

Baby is represented by Rïŋ Models & Kult

We acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as the traditional owners of the land on which this shoot took place.


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