4 Girls, 4 Blazers


— May 28, 2020 —

Winter is here, providing ample excuse to retire to our beds at night earlier than our grandmas, and serving as a friendly reminder that sitting by the fire, optional book in hand*, doing not much is what life is all about. It’s also the first winter in as many years that we haven’t been tempted to rehash that old ‘winter is coming’ line from Game of Thrones, and if that doesn’t signify immense personal growth, then we’re not sure what does. 

But we’re not here to talk about us. We’re here to talk about you! And, more specifically, how tickled you’re going to be after flicking through the above gallery, full of blazer-adorned cuties hanging on the streets of Sydney. As cosy as a mug of hot milo and as apropos as it is for zoom hangs (business up top, party down below) and IRL catch ups (can’t wait!), there’s bound to be a blazer just 4 u.

*Realistically, this probably looks more like laying under the covers watching Netflix, but we can dream.


Feature: Madeleine Woon     Images: Ebony Talijancich     Fashion: Chloe Hill & Miguel Urbina Tan

Inez and Vi are represented by KULT
Grace and Lauren are represented by IMG

Shot on location in Kensington, Sydney


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