— March 25, 2018 —

Melbourne-based sweetie pie Adual inherited her beautiful name from her grandma. At present, she’s yet to meet anyone who shares the South Sudanese dinka inborn name with her. She ended up signing to Chadwick Models after she was approached on the train en route to class last March, and has not looked back since. Her love of modelling stems from all the “creative thinkers” she routinely connects with, the places she gets to travel to, and because the job allows her to be 100% herself in front of the camera. 

Without a particular shop to call her favourite, the angel prefers instead to rework garments from any ol’ shop into her own creation by “cutting or repainting” them. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of perusing her Instagram feed, you’ll already know that she’s a very talented artist (for anyone who hasn’t, meet you over there STAT). It all began for her at the beginning of secondary school. 

“My enthusiasm for maths and science was what kicked me off,” she explains, quickly becoming our new favourite human. “I used to love drawing shapes and taking in the specialty of 3D dimensions, and how by revamping shapes you breathe life into a craft and make it realistic. My interest of the human body is the reason the greater part of my artwork spin with human representations.”

Her goals for 2018 consist of learning more and being more aware in every aspect. Her favourite book is Perfume by Patrick Suskind, although she’s currently devouring Friedrich Nietzsche’s Twilight Of The Idols. While she’s always wanted to be the kind of person that goes to the gym for fun, she prefers to just do daily activities that she hopes to will one day lead to a workout routine. Feel you, girl. If she could time travel, she’d head right into the future to “see how to speed up a lot of things.” To her, 19 is a “strange age” and she would like to peep into the next chapter of life to gauge whether modelling and art is the ideal career choice for herself. 

In the next 5 years, she sees herself chilling with nature and reconnecting with her roots in Sudan while taking pictures and creating new raw artworks.

In regards to modelling, she’s never seen it as a job, and therefore doesn’t put any pressure on her process, saying, “I just let it be and see how far things can go, and hopefully it does go far.” We’re very, very posi it will. Her next project is opening up a lot of art exhibitions with her friends that aim to inspire more youth and to “let them know that creativity is very valuable in this day of age, because humankind is changing and art is becoming a religion in its own ways.” <3. 

The super cool human keeps mentally sane by “taking care of [herself], which can be from eating clean or simply not going out every weekend—great for your body and bank account.” If we could travel back in time, we'd go back and read that sage advice before the weekend. Pleasure getting to know you, angel.

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Heather Lighton    Fashion: Abby Bennett     Editorial Assistant: Ryan Cullen

Adual is represented by:

Shot on location in Melboune, Australia.


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