Photo Diary: Aussie Pal Joel Lumbroso Takes Us To Italy For Gucci's Cosmogonie Show


— May 26, 2022 —

You might remember skater and film maker Joel Lumbroso from that time we hung out with him, in Sydney's western suburb of Beverly Hills. Now he's back to take us us for a trip through Italy, where he recently walked the runway for the #GucciCosmogonie show. Live vicariously through his travel snaps in the gallery above, and hear about his trip and watch the show below!

Can you give us the Joel elevator pitch?
Ok so, my full name is Joel Lumbroso, I’m a Cine/Photographer from Sydney Australia and enjoy documenting people and moments I hold dear.

What was the highlight of your time in Italy?
So far probably Lake Como. I went after working back to back for 12 days straight and was really stoked to have some time off. The place makes you feel like you are in a James Bond movie.

Best thing you ate?
Had this beef tartare dusted with shaved cured meat. Was kinda simple but hit pretty well.

What was the wildest thing to happen to you while you were there?
Probably having my camera bag pinched on the train with 5k worth of gear in it. This happened just as I arrived on the 1st day of the Gucci casting so I was freaking out pretty badly as you can imagine. 

I doubt whoever took the bag will get to read this but if they do I really hope they make something hectic with all the new gear they acquired [laughs].

What did you miss most about home?
I really miss my family and friends, taking a quick walk from my house over to Central Park to meet up with everyone for a skate on a Saturday morning and the comfort of not always looking over my shoulder that someone is about to steal my shit. 

Sum up your trip in Emojis: ✈️😴🥴😮😲🍝😬😬🙁🍕😖😭😭🤡😔🙁🙃😬😬😬🙂😬😊😂🤣😱😬🪐🪐🥳🥂🥂🥰🥰😈


Photos: Joel Lumbroso


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