Photo Diary: Char Moffat's First Ever Australian Fashion Week

Gadigal Land

— May 20, 2024 —

Third in our lineup of cute as Australian Fashion Week photo diaries is a certified angel — much beloved by the Aotearoa fashion industry, yet a newcomer on the Sydney fashion scene. Introducing Pōneke (Wellington) local Char Moffat.

Her foray into the Australian market has been a wild success, and her Australian Fashion Week debut was no different.  Fittingly, her week kicked off at fellow New Zealander Rory William Docherty's serene debut, and from there, she charged through a monumental lineup of shows — Alix Higgins, All is a Gentle Spring, and Verner, to namedrop a few.

Get to know the Kiwi sweetheart below and then get a lesson on how to nail a selfie in the gallery above. Cute <3

Charlotte Moffat
Star Sign: Taurus

For those who don’t already know you, can you give us your elevator pitch:
I’m Char, I’m from Aotearoa, and I have just moved to Sydney (Eora Nation) to full-time model. I just graduated with a BSci in Psychology and Japanese after being in Tokyo last year. I enjoy styling and image curation alongside modelling.

Can you tell us about the first show of the week?
I started the week with my Aotearoa friends and Priscilla’s family at the Rory William Docherty show. I loved how the collection was seemingly quite diverse but was cleverly woven together. It really felt like the collection was an album, a movie, a story. It was playful but considered. I was honoured to be a part of Rory’s debut.

Best song/soundtrack you heard backstage/at a show: 'Big Big Beat' Azealia Banks.

The most surprising thing about the fashion week this year?
IDKKKKKKK (I can only think of things I shouldn’t say in an interview lol)

Best new person you had the pleasure to meet backstage/during the week:
Love the Alix Higgins crew x

Top five essentials in your fashion week purse/backpack:
My camera, snacks, drink bottle, power bank, kawakawa balm, sunglasses. Getting a latte and croissant from the backstage cafe was also a lifesaver on some show days.

Coolest (street style) look you saw outside the shows?
I loved seeing people confidently and joyfully experimenting with colour. It made me happy. 

Most random thing you heard backstage?
People asking me if I am a model or a photographer was making me laugh when I was doing my photo diary backstage. People didn’t know whether to dress me or pose for me.

Funniest moment?
Due to technical difficulties at a show I had to rush off to my next show with only my phone, drink bottle and slippers (bcoz I had no shoes..). Priscilla’s bought all my stuff over for me *heart*.

Describe what’s going through your head getting dressed to head to a show:
Comfort!!!!  I always go for sneakers or boots, jeans, and a chic overcoat to bring it together. Scarf is also essential to wrap around your face on cold days.

Best TikTok/YouTube/reel/meme to sum up your week:


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What will you be doing to recoup after fashion week?
Lying in bed. Maybe sauna or a massage.

What are you looking forward to the most for Australian Fashion Week next year?
New brands with new energy. I was so impressed with up-and-coming brands this year, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Photos: Char Moffat     
Features Editor: Chloe Hill 

We acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as the traditional owners of the land on which Fashion Week took Place.


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