Getting to Know Christchurch and Its A+ Inhabitant, Noah Tumataroa


— April 26, 2021 —

Today marks a historic chapter in CPC’s existence, with our first-ever shoot in the beautiful city of Christchurch. Featuring lovely human Noah Tumataroa, it’s definitely cause to celebrate, and we thought we’d do so by indulging in a little game of fun-fact trivia about New Zealand’s oldest city. Consider it the amuse-bouche to the main course that is our delightful interview with him below. Ready? OK, let’s go… 

  1. Did you know that Hagley Park—which you’ll soon find out is a fave hang spot for Noah—is the 3rd largest park in the world after Central Park in NYC and Hyde Park in London? Big news, HUGE! 
  2. The city of Christchurch is a geographical unicorn. It’s one of the world's eight pairs of cities that have a near-exact antipodal city (a city on the exact opposite side of the earth). A Coruña, Spain is Christchurch's antipode.
  3. The Māori name for Christchurch is Ōtautahi (which translates to "the place of Tautahi").

Now that your palettes are well and truly amused, it’s time to fill up on the principal dish: Getting to know Noah better, feat. his Christchurch highlights reel and travel aspirations… 

Name: Noah Tumataroa
Star sign: Scorpio 

Can you tell us the story of how you got into modelling?
I was contacted on social media in mid-March this year by my manager, Simone Hellicar, the director of my agency, The Scouted, who told me she had come across my profile and thought I had a great look. I hadn’t thought of modelling before but it sounded interesting and so we jumped on a call a few days later and then it all just started to come together from there. 

What are your favourite subjects at school?  
I think it would be business and physical education. 

And what are you excited to do when you finish school? 
Travel. I really want to go to Manchester and watch Manchester United play at Old Trafford one day. 

What's the best thing about living in Christchurch? 
That it's small, so you can walk and get around everywhere really quickly. 

Where would you take someone visiting for the first time? 
I'd take them to Cluck Cluck Slurp at the Riverside Market—they do really nice chicken sandwiches.

Favourite places to shop in Christchurch? 
I like shopping at Curb, a small thrift shop.

Best place to unwind? 
Going for a run around Hagley Park is the best way for me to unwind and clear my head, I find. 

Best coffee can be found at… Definitely at C4. 

Best dessert can be found at…  C4 again; the last time I got a dessert there they had a gorgeous banoffee pie. 

Best place to people-watch? I'd probably say on a balcony at the library. 

Best place to read a book/mag…  I think a relaxing spot to read or just to think would be sitting by the Avon River in a nice quiet place.

Spend an arvo walking in/around…  The port hills, or to be more specific, the Rapaki Track. 

Best cheap feed…  Kosco has good cheap sushi. 

And to treat yourself, go to… The pizza place in Little High. 

Have an afternoon drink at… Boba tea at South City. 

For brunch the next day, go to… The Red Verandah.  

Cutest date spot… A walk and a picnic in the Botanic Gardens. 

The best photo opp is at… The Botanic Gardens, because the flowers are gorgeous. 

You can’t leave Christchurch without…  Getting a Hagley Park Night ‘n Day banana thickshake.


Feature: Madeleine Woon    Photographer: Chris Collie

Noah is represented by The Scouted

Shot on location in Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand


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