Ch'lita's NZFW Photo Diary

Tāmaki Makaurau

— September 11, 2018 —

You might remember honey babe Ch’lita from that time we handed her the keys to our Instagram for NZFW, when we snapped her being a cutie patootie, or when she flexed her photography skills for us recently. And now she’s back with tales of what goes down at fashion week in New Zealand (and why Wellington wins over Auckland)! 

Chuckle to yourself as you get to know the funny, unique, smart-as-a-whip angel below and then cop her photo diary above. Couldn’t love you more if we tried, girl friend. 

Can you give us the Ch’lita elevator pitch?
I couldn't make eye contact in this hypothetical elevator I'm sorry please just look at my website.

What was your highlight of NZFW?
Getting tackled to the ground during Die! Die! Die! at the Stolen Girlfriends Club after party.

What’s the best thing about living in Auckland?
$5 movies at Academy Cinemas on Wednesdays? Also really good food and bands around these parts. 

Where would you take someone visiting for the first time?
Whenever someone is visiting I just make us go to Eden Noodles, I know everyone will like it and it's also all I ever feel like eating. 

If Auckland were an emoji:


If Auckland were a YouTube video:

If Auckland were a colour:

If Auckland were a song:
Lonely boy goes to a rave by Teen Suicide.


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