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— July 26, 2018 —

Super honey Johanna (who you probably know as @selfiegod) is a high-energy, good vibes, professional stunnah from Sydney. Aside from her flawless selfie-taking capabilities and sunny outlook on life, Johanna has been living her best life in Europe of late—modelling, hanging out with fellow CPC angel Meg Fairbairn in Paris, and spending quality time with her grandparents in Holland, “riding bikes through the orchard and picking cherries, playing cards, and teasing each other stupid.” Fun! 

While she was in Paris, we took the vacationer out for a spin in Holiday By Emma Mulholland’s Kokomo pants, and ooft did she do them justice—hanging out in Luxembourg gardens in Paris, beating statues at their own game, and taking a hot minute for herself on a chair outside the Luxembourg Palace. If you’ve got a holiday on the horizon (or just like to live life to its fullest everyday), it’s highly recommended you wear the pants yourself. They come in a whole range of cute colours, and are currently on sale. Wahoo! 

Slip into something more comfy (i.e. the Kokomos), and then get to know Johanna better below, feat. her thoughts on female friendships, her love for our generation, and the best places to eat and boogie in Paris. 

Name: Johanna

Nickname: Selfiegod (lol). 

Star sign: A full throttle Aries fire ram

Can you give us the Johanna elevator pitch? 
A flawless execution of ‘Beez in tha Trap’ by Nicki Minaj, because guilty pleasures make the world go ‘round.

I hear you were recently in Paris! What was your trip like?
Absolutely stunning! I don’t think it’s possible not to fall in love with that city, time and time again. I was also fortunate enough to close the show of an incredible Dutch designer, Nina Mounah. In Australia, I unfortunately encounter very few other Dutch people, so it was lovely to connect with people from there and flex my mother tongue—especially with such awe inspiring creative types! I’ll be doing a bit more work with her label while I’m in Holland as well.

Where should we eat, drink, dance, shop and chill next time we go? 
Since leaving I don’t think a single night has passed where I haven’t dreamt of the truffle pasta from LouLou restaurant at the Musee des arts Decoratifs, and whenever I’m lucky enough to spend a summer in Europe, I always load myself up on forest fruits for days! I’m also sucker for savoury crepe or anything with cheese in it, of which Paris is abundant. To dance all of that off, I would definitely recommend L’Arc, Raspoutine or Kaliante.

I hear you were staying with fellow CPC girl Meg while you were there :)! On that, why do you think female friendships are so important?
I get sad realising I’m not still with her, but we’re always in each other’s pockets, even with a Pacific Ocean between us! Meg and I used to live together in Sydney, and she is truly my sister for life. Together we’ve navigated so much together, some good and some not so good, but she’s truly a soul grounded in integrity. Not just anybody could look the fears and anxieties that come with up-and-moving your life to the other side of the equator, and have as much to show for it as she has! I’ll always be in her corner, and I’m forever inspired by her. I am so grateful for all the glorious and uplifting women I have around me, because at the end of the day, if we aren’t going to stick up for each other, who do we expect to stick up for us??? Am I right, or am I right???

When are you the happiest version of yourself?
When I’m properly hydrated, rested, stretched and preferably with a warm carb-filled belly in the company of my mates.

What makes you proudest about our generation?
That despite the sometimes foreboding sociopolitical landscape that our forefathers painted for us, we are resilient in the face of it. Rather than be immobilised, we see an opportunity to effect the change we wish to see, and never discount the changes we can make through reflection and conversation.

What do you plan on getting up to while you're in Holland?
I’m definitely most excited about reconnecting with my family. I’m fortunate enough to say that my grandparents are still living in the same house they’ve lived in since I was born—which has served as my only real constant in life. They’re both still in great health, and we still carry on with our tradition of riding bikes through the orchard and picking cherries, playing cards and teasing each other stupid.

Also, hopefully Defqon festival! I attended the Sydney version many moons ago, went in with my nose slightly turned up at the thought, and can proudly say I’ve been converted ever since [laughs]. 

What do you miss most about home while you're away?
Having lived across three different countries when I was young, I often find that everywhere but also nowhere feels like home. But my soul family in Sydney have my heart forever, and it’s definitely been tugging at my heartstrings being away from them. However, they’re out there absolutely killllllling it, and it’s that very feeling that sustains me while I’m gone.

What are you most excited for in 2018?
I’ve still got a few more stops for my upcoming travels, but I’m definitely excited to be home knowing that the worst of winter will be behind me and that summer is practically around the corner. Super excited for Subsonic (I often question if my life’s purpose might actually be to dance at that festival), especially now that MOTHER Honey Dijon is playing. That, and getting salty on our sacred coastline.

Words: Maddy Woon    Photos & Fashion: Chloe Hill

Shot on location at Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris


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