Meg Fairbairn


— October 23, 2017 —

Angel Meg Fairbairn was born in Singapore, raised in Australia and is currently living (the dream) in Paris. Her favourite thing about Paris is its croissants, the incredible art and the French way of chilling out. Sounds like a life we could get about. She misses her friends back in Sydney “more than anything”, as well as Australia’s natural wonders and grade A coffee. 

ICYMI, she shaved her head a while back, and cites it as being “part of self expression” and a reflection of who she was at the time. 

“Shaving my head was also an important journey of self-discovery. I've always been up to changing my look in terms of how I see myself at that time. Plus, it's the easiest hair cut ever, you get up and go! I'll probably shave my head again, if I don't find a better haircut before then.” 

She’s still “trying to figure out” how her upbringing shaped her worldview, but is certain about one thing: that her friends and family are the most important people to her. “And cats, all the cats!!!” Her hometown (Upper Rollands Plains) didn’t have much of a creative industry (more cows, horses and flies), but she reckons Sydney’s thrives; “there was always something to go and see and enjoy.” If she could change something about Australia’s creative industry, it would be proper recognition on a global scale. 

Club 77 in Sydney on a Sunday night is her favourite spot in the entire world, and is “just one of the meeting grounds for all [her] favourite freaks.” She’s her happiest when she’s “sun hoeing in nature with [her] friends, drinking wine and cocktails while eating cheese…. scenic cigarettes also.” When it comes to friendship she values honesty, respect and an ability to make epic late night snacks. Female friendships are also one of the most important things for her in life. 

“There are many hardships and pleasures women experience which is something we inherently unite over. It's a special connection, scientifically proven. I consider myself an intersectional feminist and believe we as sisters have the ability to change the world <3.”

Some days she feels like a Del Kathryn Barton painting, and is a big fan of clever puns, “the puns where you don’t even register the joke until two minutes later and burst out laughing.” Racial equality, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights and animal rights are all super important to her, because “without these issues being resolved, the human race will lead a dark story ahead.”

When getting dressed in the morning, she ponders, “what’s the most comfortable outfit I own, that isn’t pyjamas, which you can wear red lipstick with?” Lit. The other 50% of her time is spent massaging creams into her skin, hence why the self-proclaimed Cream Queen has skin like a  baby angel. The list of women she looks up to starts with her mum (who taught her love, perseverance and sacrifice), and also includes other inspirational women dreams of being like one day, like: Debbie Harry, Marlene Dietrich, Dr Anita Heiss, Laverne Cox, Sally Smart, Dr Jane Goodall, Tschabalala Self, and Cindy Sherman. 

Meg defines 'cool' as “an energy, an effortless aura of beauty, specific to each person who beholds it. Whether it be electric or tranquil. 'Cool' is honest, free and lots of fucking fun!”


Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill

Meg is represented by:
The Face PARIS

Shot on location at The Tuileries and République in Paris


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