— February 7, 2017 —

Deadset legend Ch’lita grew up between Wellington and Khon Kaen, and her upbringing paved the way for her lol/très relatable worldview of “real life sucks, live on the internet.” If you were visiting and new to Wellington, she’d take you home to meet her mum, to Nam*d food truck (“the best Bahn Mi in Welly”), to Hunters and Collectors and on her walk home from school on a sunny day. If that doesn’t sell you on New Zealand’s cultural capital, then we’re not sure what could. 

She’s currently listening to Frankie Cosmos' entire catalogue of music, but the album that changed the course of her life was Yeezus, which she received from her mate Mia on her 14th birthday. If she could only listen to one genre of music for her entire life, it’d be musical soundtracks feat. Christina Aguilera. Girl clearly knows what’s up. 

She’s happiest when the air is warm, she's asleep in bed and her belly is full of pasta, and froths Comme des Garçons above all other labels “forever and ever”. If she could time travel, she’d love to meet Mike the Headless Chicken (RIP), and hopes that within the next 10 years we’ll have said goodbye to ankle socks for good. She’s currently reading Mother, Brother, Lover by Jarvis Cocker, mainly so she can underline her favourite lines to send to the boy she likes. True love is real, you guys. 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloé Hill    Assistant: Lydia Hamer  

Ch'lita is represented by Clyne AUCKLAND


Shot on location around Cuba Street and Courtenay Place in Wellington, New Zealand


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