Reliving All The Best Mems From CPHFW


— August 19, 2020 —

From Betty Krag’s impeccable ton sur ton* in front of her dream car to the birds nest hair at Helmstedt, there were many sights to behold at Copenhagen Fashion Week this year. 

Brands were opting to eschew traditional runway shows for more creative exhibitions (Hello, Ganni! Hej, Stine Goya!) in what is one of the very few silver linings of the pandemic. There were shows held in tanning salon windows, there were Fendi jeans taking naps in baths, there was ample proof crocs are the next big thang, and you betchya there was pastels galore. 

Help us relive all our fondest CPHFW memories in the gallery above, replete with Betty Krag’s delightful commentary. 

*French for matching tones. Oo la la.


Feature: Madeleine Woon     Photos: Betty Krag


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