All the Cool Kids Outside the Ganni 202020 Exhibition


— August 11, 2020 —

GANNI clothes are the sartorial equivalent of the first day of summer, the sun splashing our worlds once more, filling each day with boundless potential. While the world feels eerie and uncertain at the moment, GANNI’s eye-popping prints and bold colour palettes are always sure to make your soul glow with happiness.

In lieu of a runway show this year, creative director Ditte Reffstrup poured all her creative pizzazz into a three-day, immersive exhibition at Copenhagen Fashion Week, alongside a rentable collection with Levi’s. Kicking off yesterday, Ganni is featuring the work of several artists over three days, including photographer Rosie Marks and artist Haley Blomquist, all of which explore the question of what this new decade is going to be like. 

Ganni 202020 is a creative collective we started off in January this year," says Ditte Reffstrup. "Our Copenhagen Fashion exhibition is a further exploration of that creative energy, drawing on different perspectives from around the world. It feels like now more than ever, we need to work together and create in new ways. Not doing a show this season just feels right. I am excited to hit refresh and do something totally different, a longer format that is also open to everyone in our community.

Not in Copenhagen? No problems! You can peruse the installation online here. Our gal Betty Krag was on-hand to capture all the happenings outside and, as the above gallery confirms, no one does street style quite like the cool kids of Scandinavia. (Particular shout out to @flamefaire in that 🔥 head-to-toe floral look. Ooft!).


Feature: Madeleine Woon     Photos: Betty Krag


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