Aje’s MBFWA Show Was a Tribute to the Wondrous Aussie Landscape


— May 13, 2019 —

And just like that, MBFWA is off with a bang. In a presentation for the ages, Aje kicked things off with a show that sought to reconnect us with the “rich, unique and biodiverse ecosystem of Australia.” Ah-yesss. 

As the sun set over Sydney’s two biggest icons—the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge—creating a dreamy pastel-drenched winter sky, all your favey CPC girls were there to bring Aje’s magic collection to life. Stunner Agi Akur opened the night, followed by angels Atty, Raenee and Akiima (and newbie Agot), and 10/10 models Rachel Rutt and Emma Balfour were there to close the show. 

As for the collection itself, sunburnt orange and yellow hues, balloon sleeves, ruffles, top stitching and oversized suiting were all given a lot of airtime (to the delight of everyone), as was native flora patterns and on-trend utilitarian embellishments. Also did you even see that billowy dress, black as the night sky, that our gal Emma was wearing? TDF.

Needless to say, the bar has been set high.


Words: Maddy Woon    Photos: Chloe Hill & Miguel Urbina Tan


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