— March 14, 2019 —

Agi is a sweet angel from Adelaide who currently resides in Sydney. She’s been modelling for a year now, and was discovered by IMG through her mother agency, Pride Models. Modelling was something she’d always wanted to pursue growing up, but says that she “had insecurities that held [her] back.” 


Not only has she since overcome those insecurities, but she’s also made the (big, HUGE!) move to Sydney, too. While she was initially nervous about the sea change—being so accustomed to small city life and her close proximity to family—she’s starting to find her groove, especially with the help of the “amazing support team at IMG Models.” 

In life, she’s most grateful for her “loving and supporting family” and South Sudan (“my motherland”) is the place she calls home. Her favourite thing about working as a model so far is working on photoshoots and “being part of such a creative process” and, as of yet, she wouldn’t change anything about her job. When pitched with the hypothetical of giving up social media for a week, she refuses to entertain the idea. “I can’t imagine myself without social media for a week,” she laughs. “It’s too long!” Feel u. 

The first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is either skip or jog to start the day with “positive energy” and the show that she’s currently binging of a night is ‘The Good Place’ on Netflix. To her, cool is “embracing your individuality in whatever it is you are pursuing.” Words that she clearly lives by. 

Words: Maddy Woon    Photos: Mason Stevenson    Fashion: Chloe Hill    Beauty: Corinna Wilmshurst using Nars

Agi is represented by:

Shot on location in North Bondi, Sydney, Australia


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