Ottolinger Really Pushed The Boat Out At PFW


— October 7, 2017 —

Ottolinger held their presentation on a boat this year, taking out littest show at Paris Fashion Week (IOHO). Attendees chilled under Pont Neuf, the oldest standing bridge on the river Seine in Paris, while super cool models (Hi, Chiara!) cut around in clothes that spoke to label’s Alpine-Punk-Couture aesthetic. The music didn’t work onboard, but in no means did that dull the party; racks were pushed aside below deck, and the show was staged in the dressing area instead. Genius!

The masters of fabric manipulation continued their signature techniques like blow torch-burned holes, sliced/knotted fabric, and dramatic frays. Swish denims, low-rise pants, and belts with the engraved silver Ottolinger monogram took the collection to the next level. 10/10.

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill


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