Amelleah Thomas


— February 18, 2018 —

Angel face Amelleah was born in Launceston, Tasmania and has since migrated to Perth where she currently lives out her best life. She was raised by two strong women, and credits them with helping her to see the world’s beauty and the potential for positive change in society. Her dreams recently came true when she was spotted by Barbara Nicoli and Leila Ananna, who casted her for Burberry. “I was so happy when I received confirmation, I was jumping up and down on the spot waving my phone around,” she said, warming our hearts in the process. 

Since then, her life has changed majorly. “I was a hermit like you wouldn’t believe,” she concedes. “I had left school and I was taking a break before starting modelling full time, and I spent most of my days on my laptop just being a sloth. I’m very glad I was kept busy during fashion week—it was a change that I desperately needed!” Her sister Jess came along for the fashion week ride, and the two of them had an absolute blast—in particular, their magical day spent at Disneyland Paris. Amelleah felt like a kid again, and Jess aaaalmost cried for joy. From where we’d rather be!

Since starting out in the industry, Amelleah has been fortunate to have been surrounded by people who support and believe in her. She’s learned to exude confidence (even when she’s “feeling out of sorts”), always strives to be her best self, and tries hard not to stress herself out. Solid plan! Her most-loved thing about modelling is playing a character because she’s a “giant nerd” and “any excuse to dress up and channel a character is awesome!” She does believe, however, that although people have become more accepting towards different body types, there’s definitely still a long way to go. 
She’s super hyped for another round of Fashion Week’s this year, is keen af to travel to more places, and is “just going to take everything as it comes and work [her] but off.” The best nugget of wisdom she’s receieved was handed down to her by her mum, and it is: “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Whenever she’s feeling anxious about something, her mum reminds her of this, and she reckons it’s helped to push her through those emotions so she can get on with the task at hand. Legend! She’d be “completely fine” if she had to give up social media, as she’s not overly active on it anyway (just have a geez at her Instagram, and you’ll see). Amelleah has always been passionate about gender equality and supporting all gender identities and sexual preferences. “Whenever I go on social media or read news articles about homophobic and transphobic related killings, it makes me really disgusted and disappointed that it’s still an issue in this day and age,” she continues. 

She simply must have a cup of coffee upon rising, and has memorised the walk to the kettle so she can do it with her eyes closed. Lol, genius. Once there, she whips out her phone and watches YouTube videos, which she admits is a “horrible addiction.” If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life, it’d be roast potatoes and steamed broccoli. While it’s boring, her other go-to would be Cannoli’s, but she’s scared she’d “die of a heart attack real fast” if that’s all she consumed. Tru. 

To her, someone ‘cool’ is someone who is self assured in who they are, but who is also down to hear other people’s opinions and beliefs. They aren’t judgemental and they don’t look down on others. She says she’s been very lucky to be surrounded by a lot of cool people in her life, and it makes sense, ‘cause she’s one cool ass cucumber herself! 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Clara Nebeling    Fashion: Chloe Hill

Amelleah is represented by IMG 

Shot on location at Wanstead Flats in London


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