— June 6, 2017 —

Cool gal Chiara is originally from the historic Lecce in the South of Italy, where she learnt to “live life with simplicity and gratitude.” She appreciates how authentic everything there is, and will “always be so proud of my roots.” So special. She’s since relocated to Rome, where we recently hung out windows and went shopping for flowers on the streets outside with her. Needless to say, it’s a city that has stolen her heart as well <3. 

She’s about to get her degree in Languages and Literature, and has fallen in love with “German culture and, above all, German literature.” The most solid life counsel she’s copped is to “just be yourself” — something a friend of hers told her in a very important moment. It’s simple advice — “and it may sound stupid” — but super apt, because everyone “pretends to be someone else and nobody is himself, but everybody looks the same!” If she gave up social media for a week, she doesn’t think many people would notice, because she’s not very addicted to the whole social-media thing. Onya!

If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life, it’d incorporate avocado in some way. She’s currently pages deep in Franz Kafka’s ‘Amerika’, but is also juggling many books at the one time. She’s currently writing her thesis on Kafka, and feels incredibly *prayer emoji* because he’s one of her favourite ever writers. 

The biggest cultural shift she hopes will happen in the next 10 years, is a change in woman’s vision. Even though it’s 2017, and she lives in an evolved country, she thinks TV is still showing us a warped depiction of women.  She gets “so mad” when she hears misogynous statements, and can’t stand the fact that men judge women based on their appearance. To her, it’s like, “I would just like to feel free walking around wearing a skirt, is this asking too much?” She doesn’t particularly identify as a feminist, because she considers it too strict in some of its points. In saying that, she values female relationships “because women are special human beings.”

To her, ‘cool’ means avocado gadgets and kittens. Cute!

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill

Chiara is represented by:
Euphoria ROME


Shot on location at Mecenate Palace Hotel, Rome, Italy


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