Turn Your House Into A Home With Gucci’s New Decor


— May 28, 2018 —

When Gucci sent severed heads down its Autumn/Winter 2018 runway, we thought we’d seen it all. What could the house possibly do to surprise us next? Change the c’s in their names to k’s? Host their next presentation on Neptune? Appoint Kanye West as their new creative director? Who knew!  

Turns out their latest ~plot twist~ is much more awe-inspiring than the above hypotheses, for Gucci just expanded into homewares. Yep! Alessandro Michele (who you might know as ‘creative genius’) decided to splash his inimitable motifs across a bunch of shiny, fun new pieces for your home. No corner or crevice was forgotten—from the lounge room right up to the humble crockery drawer, there’s a floral/creature-emblazoned item for every spot. Idk about you, but our houses are jumping for the joy at the news.
To celebrate this wondrous development, we hung out with models/angels Nya and Min Jay—both dripping in head-to-toe Gucci, obvy—in the park while we took some of their new wares for a twirl. As we sat in the sun, surrounded by these weird and wonderful new pieces, we got to thinking about home, and in particular what it means for both Nya and Min Jay 
Before you go *die* at the entire collection, we suggest you get to know the two cuties and the spaces/places/people they call home below. You’ll be 4eva glad you did! 

Name: Nyaluak Moses Mayen Wan Leth (It’s a mouthful, I know, but that’s only half of it😂)
Nickname: Nya 
Star sign: Aries, baby!

What's the Nya elevator pitch? 
Confidence is my life saver! I had the worst stutter as a child, and didn’t really get the confidence to speak in front of people until I was about 14, which ironically was around the same time I fell in love with Kanye.

Why that makes me special? I consider myself a person who loves to express themselves, so when facing difficulties with speech, I learnt that you’re more likely to nail that sentence with just a little confidence because it’s not what you say, but how you say it.  

What do you like to do outside of modelling?
I dance a LOT! I sit in my room and overthink matters of life that do not concern me and interview myself in the mirror pretending to be Ellen. But on a more productive level, I spend a lot of time reading and Studying a Bacholor of PR and Communications. I also write a journal, about everything and anything. I love writing poetry and attending spoken word nights. 

Where is home for you?
“Home is where the heart...” I kid! Home for me is wherever there’s good vibes, accompanied by awesome people and followed by some bomb food. 

What do you love most about your hometown? 
What I loved about Brisbane was the free-flowing positive energies you feel everywhere you go. Also traffic wasn’t such a hassle. 

Where are the 3 top spots you'd take someone visiting for the first time?
1. My mother’s garden 
2. Queensland State Library 
3. South Bank Parklands 

Where is your favourite spot to chill in your house, and why?
My room! 🙌🏿 I like to kick it in my room, simply because that’s where all my best ideas manifest and where I can really be just me. I’ve written some amazing pieces of poetry in my room, and practiced and perfected my walk in my room. If there ever comes a time where I need to do a nude shoot, I won’t stress because I’ve perfected practicing in my room. 

What do you miss most about home when you're away from it?
I miss laying outside my mother’s garden and soaking up the sun. Also, my family. 

What's your favourite possession in your home?
My journal. You can take all you want, just please leave my journals alone! 

Name: Min-Jay

How did you get into modelling?
I was very lucky—Kult scouted me in the street. At that stage, I was really interested. I’d heard that a lot of people worked very hard to achieve their own dreams [in modelling], so I’m constantly surrounded by people who inspire me.

What do you like to do outside of modelling?
I like to hangout with my friends or my brothers. I play computer games with them, go to karaoke with them, or play billiard. Sometimes I like to spend time just by myself at home doing nothing, or spending the whole day in my bed, because I'm lazy :). 

Where is home for you?
Korea, originally, but now Sydney!
What do you love most about your hometown? 
There is an Internet cafe and karaoke, so things I like to do in my own time.
Where is your favourite spot to chill in your house, and why?
Playing Xbox with some snacks in the lounge room. I'm so into FIFA 18 at the moment (should probably quit). 

What do you miss most about home when you're away from it?

What's your favourite possession in your home?
Mobile phone :)

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Ellen Virgona    Fashion: Chloe Hill & Miguel Urbina Tan

Min Jay & Nya are represented by Kult AUSTRALIA

Shot on location in Centennial Parklands, Sydney


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