— October 3, 2017 —

Lil’ ripper Beth relocated to Sydney’s Inner West from a teeny, tiny town in Western Australia in January this year. When she’s not modelling, you’ll find her in the kitchen whipping up a Paleo treat. She decided to give that lifestyle a shot 18 months ago, and while she found it hard cutting out processed foods, dairy and grains in the beginning, she’s since fell in love with the “challenge of cooking something that tastes naughty but is 100% clean.” *Prayer hands emoji.*

Her fave shoot to date was for Oyster Magazine. It was her first ever big shoot, and she spent her dreamy day with an incredible team, dressed in Gucci. To her, a successful shoot comes down to whether the team are passionate about what they’re shooting. “You can tell when people don’t want to be there, and it ruins the vibe and the shoot,” she believes.

When it comes to friendships, she seeks out those who are kind, loyal and adventurous. She loves to travel and experience different cultures, and unwind after a big day with an English tea and fruit ‘n’ nut mix. If she could have anyone alive or dead over for dinner, it’d be Eddie Sedgwick, ‘cause she’d “love to hear her story in her own words.” To her, equality is paramount, which means “making sure everyone has the same rights, no matter who they are.” Amen!

Being ‘cool’, to her, is having effortless style.


Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Sarah Adamson   Fashion: Suzannah Snow

Beth is represented by:
Priscillas SYDNEY

Shot on location in Sydney's CBD, Australia



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