Nya Took Us Backstage @ Roopa’s Vibey Show


— May 22, 2018 —

Nya is fast becoming one of our favourite models, with her super energetic/warm aura and impossible good looks. She just finished up her first ever fashion week (congrats, gurl!) where, needless to say, she slayed every damn second. 

Off all the slayage, her efforts at Roopa were a massive highlight! Good thing then that we were able to see the high-spirited show through her eyes. Get to know her, and backstage of the beaut show, better below! 

What was the energy like backstage at Roopa?
Vibrant and ecstatic, just like the clothing. So captivating—you’d smile and laugh for no reason at all; the colours brought nothing but joy ‘n’ intensity backstage. 

What was your favourite ~lewk~ from the collection?
My fave look was my first look! It had nothing but, “YASSS SLAYY SIS!” written all over it! I felt like a magenta flower effortlessly breezing down that catwalk! 
Funniest thing to happen backstage?
While I was getting dressed for my second look, my dressers didn’t realise there was a zip that needed to be unzipped. We were struggling for a while too, with all the madness of changes. It’s just funny to think that all three of us were honestly prepared to, and committed to, putting a dress on that clearly wouldn’t budge. 

How did you feel after the show finished?
I was still on a high from all the awesome energy. I actually didn’t want to leave—I wanted to stick around ‘n’ pick the brains of the designers about how they managed to capture and create so much joy, love and complete SLAY in their collection!

And, what are you doing now that MBFWA is over?
Getting some major rest and relaxation! Also, reminiscing on all the moments (good and bad), and just really taking in the experience of my first ever Fashion Week. 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images & Film: Ryan Cullen

Nya is represented by Kult AUSTRALIA


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