Party People @ Em on Holiday's Fashion Week Shindig

Gadigal Land

— May 22, 2023 —

We've been coming at you hot and heavy with the fashion week content for the past week. Yup, there's still more to come, but how about a quick break to appreciate the throng of cool people who popped to Em on Holiday's party at the Ace Hotel on Thursday night?

We've got it covered... from Joel Lumbroso in a sweater vest Gramps would approve of, Teanne Vickers styling a swimsuit to perfection, and Reem Elnour in the best green co-ord we've ever seen. Keen eyes will also spot the huge Kiwi contingent — Noah Tumataroa, Bernie, Beatrys and Mia Arlove to name a few!

Feast your eyes on the fashion and take in the array of gorgeous faces in the gallery above.


Photos: Chloe Hill



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