Mason Heaven


— June 8, 2020 —

Cool dude Mason was born in Adelaide, where his whole fam still live. He was raised by his Australian-born dad and Philippines-born mum and describes his upbringing as having been ‘very comfortable’. Growing up, he was constantly surrounded by family and friends and believes this was instrumental in shaping his people-oriented worldview. A values creating meaningful connections and strives to constantly create safe and positive environments for his loved ones. 
The most important thing for him in life is to be surrounded by friends and family, so he can support them whether that be emotionally or just to have a nice relaxing time. “I find that this is when I am my happiest and most comfortable,” he says. 
His modelling story started after he was approached at a cafe on a date, mid-conversation, by his now mother agent Diana. The rest, as they say, is history. The most rewarding part of his work is the social aspect—being able to meet people of all different cultures and backgrounds. While he’s enjoyed all the work he’s done so far, his two favourite jobs have been ‘The Italian Job’ Burberry project and the Spring Races shoot for Harrolds, both published in GQ
In the morning, you’ll find him jamming out to music and having a dance. This unconventional morning routine helps him get ready and energised for the day ahead. At the moment, he’s blasting ‘Say So’ by Doja Cat and ‘Wait A Minute’ by Willow. Neither of them fit with his usual genre of music, but that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t make him “dance like a little girl”. The whole point of music, no?


In his spare time, Mason likes to stay active by going indoor and outdoor bouldering. He also enjoys going for walks and playing video games, the latter of which has featured more prominently in his life thanks to COVID-19 isolation. At the moment, he can’t stop saying “Yeehaw” and “actual YO” but is unsure of how either word slipped into his daily lexicon. 
For Mason, cool is hard to define because there are so many different ways in which a person can be cool. “I find that a person is ‘coolest’ when they are completely comfortable within themselves and aren't defined by their insecurities,” he says. “I think being ‘cool’ is a label for someone that is comfortable with their own personality and doesn't try to change to be something they aren't. That is the kind of ‘cool’ I am aiming for.”

Feature: Madeleine Woon     Photos: Mia Rankin    Fashion: Chloe Hill

Mason is represented by Chadwick SYDNEY

Shot on location in Sydney, Australia


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