The Pavements Outside LFW Were Teaming With Strong Looks


— February 22, 2018 —

It’s official. We want our beautiful Southern Hemisphere summer to hurry the heck up and disappear into a rainy, grey storm cloud right this instant!

What would compel us to say such a regrettable and quite frankly insane thing, you ask? ‘Twas the impossibly high sartorial standards set outside London Fashion Week this year. While we’ve adored the slew of cute cozzies that have been accompanying us to the beach this year, the beaut lineup of LFW models—that included Kimdo, Akiima and Frankie Mason—and their masterful layering abilities have got us giddy to get dressed in the cooler months. There was a puffer jacket the size of your doona (but oh so much steezier), faux fur and patent leather (oftentimes worn together), and the general feeling that sometimes more is definitely more (think bright colours and even brighter smiles).

Raise your coffee and let’s toast to the only people ever to actually make us excited for a dreary winter’s day!

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill


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