— March 11, 2018 —

In her own words, Melbourne-based cutie Tiani is “a determined woman with crazy blonde curls who is eager to make a difference in the world.” Spot on! She loves the little things in life, like bumming on the beach all holidays; eating smashed avo, bacon and poached eggs in the sun with her friends or boyfriend; joking and laughing with mates; or watching movies while it rains with her Labrador, Kozmo. 

Tiani’s mum is her biggest hero and best friend. Despite the hardship and trauma she experienced as a victim of domestic abuse, her mum “always worked hard to do the best for [them].” <3. The Earth angel loves a good bush walk, yet despite always having lived close to the “sticks”, isn’t great at sourcing locations. That task is left to her mum, who is a marathon runner and is always finding great new spots for them. Cutest vibe. She bush walks to “rekindle with nature and remind [herself] of what happiness is”, and finds that it grounds her and helps her to remember to take care of herself spiritually and physically.
She’s most curious about what her purpose in life is, loves a good day spent in her trackies watching Gilmore Girls, and is a self-confessed homebody and neat freak. 2018 marks her first year out of home—she’s a recently deferred fashion student at RMIT, who is currently packing boxes for her first ever unit, trying to get her life as an adult started. When she’s chilling on the internet, you’ll find her scoping op shop boutiques, or scrolling through Instagram, and if she’s listening to the radio, it’s guaranteed to be either FM Gold or Triple J. 

The biggest issue she sees in the area she lives is the lack of understanding for diversity and equal rights for men and women. The best advice she’s recieved is “be true to yourself and your morals and values, because ‘if you don’t stand for anything, you will fall for anything.’” Throughout highschool, Tiani struggled with identity—she moved high school three times, and stumbled around in all different crowds. To her, the coolest people she met at each schools were the “unique ones that didn’t care what other people thought.”  

“The kids that were truly cool were super genuine and were just themselves,” she continues. “Money can’t buy a sense of identity.” 


Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Bec Martin   Fashion: Abby Bennett 

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