Hannah Wick


— February 1, 2018 —

Name: Hannah Wickramasuriya
Nickname: Panda 
Age: 23
Star sign: Taurus Sun, Leo Moon and Pisces Rising 
Hannah Wickramasuriya is a 23-year-old model who goes by the name of Panda. Originally from Sydney, she’s been predominantly living in Melbourne for the past 5 years, and recently returned home from a 6-month stint in Mexico City, a “truly incredible city, [that is] really vibrant with lots to do and interesting people.” Aside from falling head-over-heels with its capital, she says Mexico is teaming with gems, like the Yucatan and its picturesque Cenotes and spider monkeys. Get us there!  

2018 is going to be a biggen’ for the legend—outside of continuing to slay it at modelling, she’s currently waiting on her acceptance into a Psychology Honours course, and is contemplating moving to Berlin later in the year. You might remember her from the Dion Lee show at the Opera House last year, where she was Insta-cast by Gadir Rajab. While she was “so nervous” at first, she felt totally exhilarated after the show, and now considers runway to be her favourite thing about modelling. When it comes to shoot days, the best bit for her is all the clothes. “Getting to wear diamond encrusted Prada dresses is a dream,” she says. 

If mindfulness, meditation and intention setting is considered spiritual, then she believes herself to be a spiritual person. (“And confession, I’m getting a psychic reading in a month, so…”). Cracking the cryptocurrency market and learning more about it has been the best thing she’s learned recently, and when it comes to music, Kelela’s mixtape Cut4me has her constantly coming back for more, so genius it is. 

While she can’t speak to our whole generation, she’s proud of her circle of mates for their openness and acceptance of difference, and thinks we need to “work on transforming our keyboard activism into meaningful and substantial change.” Her ideal day reads as follows: “wake up, eat a delicious breakfast, read my kindle, hang at the beach, or maybe go for a walk somewhere in nature.” Heaaaven! 

Music, family, and close relationships are the most important things in life to her. In 10 years, she hopes there’s a massive change in how we distribute resources. Spot on! 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Asia Typek    Fashion: Ilkin Kurt    Assistant: Bridie Alman

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Shot on location at Malabar Beach in Sydney


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