Zoe Takala


— September 26, 2019 —

Little ripper Zoe is originally from Sydney, but spent part of her childhood in America, where her Dad is from. She’s currently doing a stint in NYC, but will always call Sydney home. If you were in the neighbourhood, she’d send you straight to the Fish Butchery for some deliccy fish and chips before pointing you in the direction of the beach. She’s most content in life when she’s sitting on her friend’s couch after a big fam dinner with all her closest friends, watching them laugh, and just enjoying each other’s company. “I can retreat a bit in big groups like that, but there is something so comforting about just feeling the love and presence of everyone,” she adds. 

She’s still trying to decipher when she feels most creatively fulfilled (“I can’t pinpoint it yet, so TBC”), but she’s got a string of work highlights tucked under her belt already. The main two being: shooting for Vogue Australia, her first job which was “pretty cool”, and walking for Wesley Harriot at the VFiles show recently, which she felt privileged to be apart of, because the “ethos behind the brand are fantastic.” A lot of her time is spent travelling and eating, and of all the places she’s seen, her favourite place in the world is Brazil, because it’s “brimming with such a beautiful energy.” 

The best piece of advice she’s ever received is: “You’re in control of everything you do, recognise that”, and while she doesn’t consider herself to be a spiritual person, she can get around astrology because her placements are so spot on. If she could pick five people to have over for dinner, she’d choose her girlfriend, Mum, brother, and two close friends—she wishes she could “sprinkle in some famous people” but if she’s being honest with herself, she’d prefer the company of those she loves. As for the menu, they’d be treated to a delightful seafood spread of oysters and fresh mussels in white wine, along with the infamous Iggy’s bread (from the bakery in Bronte). 

To unwind, she likes to cook a nice meal, go for a swim or do something impulsive like get a drastic haircut (“you know, the usual sh*t”). She shifts between being a morning person and night owl, but prefers the former, because there is “nothing better than having more hours in the day.” Amen! 

Her favourite song is Mojo Pin by Jeff Buckley, and her favourite film is Cidade de Deus, although she also has a secret affinity for the Notebook that she can’t explain (“In another universe, I imagine myself as Noah [laughs]. I even have the perfect hat for it.”). In the next 10 years, she hopes to see a greater trend towards more intersectionality in politics. She believes friendships are the most important connections in your life. “They are the first connections most people make outside of the home context, and therefore the first you actively choose,” she continues. “They teach you so much, both about other people and yourself. It’s like a chosen family.”

To her, the coolest people are “those that just seem most at home in themselves—or are at least actively trying to reach that.”

Feature: Madeleine Woon     Photos: Ben Sullivan     Fashion: Imogen Wilson

Zoe is represented by FiveTwenty


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