Girls Who Wear The Pants


— January 17, 2018 —

When life gives you lemons, say flip the lemons and head to the sunniest rooftop car park you can find with a boot full of fabulous pants. Or so the saying goes.

Ever the ones to abide by mantras, we did just that in Sydney's glorious Brookevale recently, with three professionally good-looking legends in tow. Kat Wu woo’d the pants right off us (sorry, had to) in Bally and Emporio Armani, Vonne reignited our love of velvet in Cooper trackies, and Kea Smith took a pair of Marimekko striped pants out for an eye-pleasing whirl.

One thing’s for sure: these girls wear the pants.

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Jedd Cooney   Fashion: Chloe Hill & Maddy Woon

Kat & Kea are represented by Priscillas
Vonne is represented by Debut

Shot on location in Brookvale, Sydney


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