Cassie Thompson


— February 10, 2017 —

Cassie is a 19-year-old realist who grew up between Melbourne and Airlie beach. Living in Airlie during her formative years had the greatest impact on the person she is today, because “materialistic values don’t exist in rural areas.” While she doesn’t consider herself spiritual at all, she sees in the merit in spirituality for people that need something to keep them grounded. 

In terms of words to live by, a speech Tim Minchin gave for the WA university really struck a chord, and has helped her maintain a strong moral compass. If you haven’t seen it yet, he said: “It is important to identify your biases, prejudices and privileges. Most of society's arguments are kept alive by a failure to acknowledge new ones.” *Writes this down and frames it.* 

If social media crashed tomorrow, she reckons all the people that depend on it probably wouldn’t have an income or grip on reality. She doesn’t wake-up before midday — a girl after our own heart — and so the first thing she does upon rising is answer all the missed calls and texts from that morning. If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life, it’d be her mum’s chicken curry, probably soundtracked to The Weeknd’s Starboy album, which she’s currently stuck on. 

In the next ten years, the smart angel hopes the Australian culture will have “evolved to understand that we were all once immigrants that invaded a foreign land in search of a better life and the people from war torn countries today, are only doing the same.” 

She’s a major Star Wars fan, and thinks out of all the characters she’d be Jar Jar Binks because as “much as I can be a comical relief, I do believe Binks is comprised of similar political beliefs as me and is always trying to prove his worth.” To her, “cool” is someone who is interesting, whether they are completely different or the same as her.

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloé Hill 

Cassie is represented by:
Chadwick SYDNEY
Wilhelmina NEW YORK & LA


Shot on location at Maroubra Beach in Sydney, Australia


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