Anna Lykke


— July 12, 2017 —

Big legend Anna lives in Copenhagen, but grew up in a small city in Denmark called Ringkøbing; a place she describes as “calm” and a “lovely place for a child to grow up.” When she was younger, she decided to leave school to focus on her own projects, and cites trusting in her own intuition as the impetus behind making the leap. Impressed! Despite backing herself wholeheartedly, she said it was difficult defending herself and her decision, but says that it’s the best feeling ever now that she proved it was the right one. 

Outside of modelling, she’s currently working on a website that distributes organic teeth-whitening products to different European countries — a brand she made herself, and which has sold 2 million units in three months. Doubly impressive! When she’s not queening at life with the above two pursuits, the truly fascinating human loves to meet all sorts of new people, saying it’s like a hobby for her. She’s currently working on a personal experiment that’s putting my own 2017 #goal of going to see a movie at the cinema by myself to shame, and that’s travelling with a stranger. *Puts hand up for the task.* Outside of meeting new peeps, she dabbles in other “mainstream things” like drinking wine and having deep chats with people. Dreamy. 

ICYMI, Anna recently shaved off all her hair — after wanting to do it for ages, her girlfriend ended up going in for the kill. She loves it, thinks it’s very ~her~ and understandably never wants long hair again. Her fave movie ever is Som I Himlen, a swedish movie, because it shows the beauty of life so well. Her favourite local brand is Wood Wood, and internationally, it’s gotta be Adidas, “because they make such lovely pants.” She would love to travel to Ethiopia, where she was born, and her favourite ever model is 80s-era Brooke Shields who kinda looked like her mum at that age. Makes sense that her gene pool is 10/10. 

She’s proud of our generation’s open-mindedness, but thinks we need to be more critical of “shitty music” that only takes “five-minutes to mix and write.” Lmao, truth! She values trust above all else when it comes to friendship, but doesn’t mind a bit of adventure and humour on the side. Her family, childhood friends and hometown are the top three most important things in life to her. She’s always ~on the road~, so reckons the “best thing in the whole world is to come back to my hometown and be with [her] parents and old friends.” In the next 10 years, she hopes that she’ll end up being happy in all the things and choices that she makes, ultimately trusting in life and destiny. She likes to kick back after a long day with a glass of wine, watching something on Netflix, pashing her girlfriend. 
The best advice she’s ever had is self-prescribed: “Things happen for a reason.” For her, being ‘cool’ is standing up for yourself. Perf.

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill

Anna is represented by:
Le Management COPENHAGEN

Shot on location around Vesterbro in Copenhagen, Denmark


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