Ryan Duncan


— December 18, 2020 —

Ryan Duncan is a new(ish) model from Maroubra, Sydney. He was raised by parents who taught him to be down-to-earth and humble. 

Exhibit A: When we asked him for the story of how he got into modelling, he replied by saying, “I was packing a truck just outside my building site and was approached by my now manager Jaz Daly asking if I was a model. I laughed as I thought it was a g-up. She put me in contact with my agency and now we work together.” 

Exhibit B: His words to live by are, “Stress less”.  

We sent him a quick-fire round of questions to get to know him better, and this is what we unearthed… 

The most rewarding part of Ryan’s work is meeting cool and interesting people, and the most challenging is “being in front of the camera.” He doesn’t consider himself to be very spiritual (with a self-rated 2/10 score), his idea of happiness is having a day off at the beach (probably Maroubra), and he’s no stranger to digital detoxes (having spent a month off social media).

Ryan believes that actions speak louder than words, if he could only eat one meal for the rest of his life it’d be spaghetti bolognese, and he considers himself to be a night owl over a morning person. 

If he could go back in time to give his 16-year-old self a little pep talk he’d keep it short and simple: “Keep going.” Despite finding the documentary Game Changers interesting, he hasn’t given up meat entirely, his favourite song is ‘Changes’ by Tupac, and his favourite movie is an equal tie between Step Brothers and Superbad. 

He hopes we’ll have achieved equality in the next 10 years and he is driven to loyal, honest, and down-to-earth people.

The verdict? All in all, he’s a pretty standup dude.

Features Editor: Madeleine Woon    Photos: Blake Azar    Fashion: Miguel Urbina Tan

Ryan is represented by Kult

Shot on location in Cobbitty, New South Wales


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