Jordan Dalah’s Wild and Wonderful ‘Doona Chic’ AAFW Show


— June 1, 2021 —

Jordan Dalah just presented his debut show at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, and whew, was it a goodie. The show was defined by sculptural silhouettes and surreal dreamscapes with a Victorian-era-meets-Alice in Wonderland aesthetic that is the antithesis of casual in every possible way. 

The things we would do for a peek at the Central Saint Martins graduate’s  moodboard for the show. The first reference that springs to mind is the interminable Viktor & Rolf pillow dress, which you will likely recognise from that forever iconic image of Tilda Swinton crossing a busy London intersection wearing a bed. Watching the show also made us feel like we were living in photographer Tim Walker’s brain, where theatrics and larger-than-life creations take precedence over anything remotely resembling reality. (A place we’d happily hang out in forever if we could.) 

There were bulbous gowns, flouncy hoop skirts, puffed up sleeves and sky-high hairdos that make even the most extra 80s beauty lewks appear tame. After a year spent predominantly wearing glorified pyjamas while WFH, it felt invigorating to see Dalah’s wild and wonderful interpretation of ‘doona chic’, with his quilted bows and cushion-stapled dresses. 

Go backstage and experience the magic with our pal Daphne Nguyen in the gallery above! 

Features Editor: Madeleine Woon   Photos: Daphne Nguyen


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