Photo Diary: A Sydney Catch-up With Will Kalimba

Gadigal Land

β€” May 23, 2024 β€”

Two years ago, we made a sunny sojourn to Perth, where we were lucky enough to acquaint ourselves with an array of local honeys. Among them was Will Kalimba, outfitted in some very resort-ready prints, he chatted about the important things in life — what makes him feel happy ("laughing hysterically at the most bizarre memes alongside people I really care about") — and he shared some poetic thoughts about where he would take someone visiting Perth for the first time.

So when we saw his familiar face opening the Emma Mulholland on Holiday show last week (in an equally beachy look), we wanted to hear about his week, what he's been up to recently (a lot of dancing and casually working his way through a Psychology degree)!

Plus, if you scroll down, you'll find out his new favourite person he met backstage (she's a vibe) and read the wisest post-event recovery strategy (ever heard of plant treatment?). Then flip through some of Will's sweet snaps, from the week that was, above <3


Name: William Kalimba
Nickname: Will or Shuko
Star Sign: Aries

For those who don’t already know you, can you give us your elevator pitch:
Outside of being a model, I dance all styles, produce/compose music for dance and DJ. Unrelated to all that I throw into the mix slowly completing my Psychology degree. A jack of all trades...master of some - I'd say! The rest I'm working on.

Best song/soundtrack you heard backstage/at a show:
Definitely the Injury show! I'm biased as a lover of dance music, the intensity and atmosphere the soundtrack brought was incredible.

The most surprising thing about the fashion week this year? 
The scale of some of the productions I saw and the teams surprised me! 

Best new person you had the pleasure to meet backstage/during the week:
Best new person I had the pleasure to meet was the stylist Sarah Starkey - she was on a lot of the shows and a very memorable person! 

Top five essentials in your fashion week purse/backpack:
My top five essentials are: 1. My water bottle 2. My Durag 3. Moisturiser 4. A sweet treat 5. Phone charger 
Favourite look you wore during AFW?
My first look for the Injury show - It made me feel like a gothic Morpheus. 

Best statement made:
The Wackie Ju Show.

Describe what’s going through your head getting ready to head to a show:
In my head is either whatever music I have blasting in my ears or thinking about.

Best TikTok/YouTube/reel/meme to sum up your week:



This manπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

♬ Ameyatchi - Mathey


What did you do to recoup after fashion week?
After this fashion week, I have been giving myself the plant treatment - plenty of water and sunlight! With a bonus sleep-ins where I can squeeze them in. 

What are you looking forward to the most for Australian Fashion Week next year?
Next year, I’m looking forward to seeing what looks and what sets will be created to progress from this year. 


Photos: Will Kalimba     
Features Editor: Chloe Hill 

We acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as the traditional owners of the land on which Fashion Week took Place.


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