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— August 9, 2021 —

It takes a certain kind of person to do what Imogen Wilson does. Good taste, technical know-how, creative moxy — she’s got it. But it’s the less glamorous qualities — patience and humility, for example — that make us proud to call Immy a true friend from way back. Put all of these bits together and you’ve got the ingredients for success, aka the newly founded Mimi Casting.

“Casting always has and always will be the main focus of my ideas,” Immy says. “I'd been working on casting projects for a few years, on one-off jobs, mainly for my own projects, and then worked as a manager/scout with The Others Agency in New Zealand.”

The idea to focus more specifically on the casting side of her work had been swimming around in Immy's head for a while, but it wasn’t until the first COVID lockdown hit and it all started to crystallise. How's that, you ask? QR codes, obv. QR codes, you say? Yes, QR codes. Just keep reading...

“The idea sped up in my head around the first COVID-19 lockdown when, along with everyone else, I was using QR codes to check into places. An open-ended talent database sign-up for those who are interested, willing and able to work as talent with a QR code as one entry point — that's the idea. Giving people the opportunity to work with us on one job or many, immediately or in the near future. Blossomed from then on out.”

“It was important that Mimi offers messages and service, rather than management,” she continues. “Not being locked to a location, and having a sign-up service accessible to everyone seemed perfect. I want it to be a fun, collaborative and expansive long-term project for many.”

The 28-year-old calls Aotearoa home but is currently living in Sydney, Australia, and also works as a creative consultant in the fab world of fashion. To celebrate the launch of Mimi Casting, she teamed up with Kiwi photographer Lula Cucchiara to capture some of her favourite fresh faces in Sydney. Swipe through the gallery to meet them all, and keep reading to get further acquainted with Immy as she shares her thoughts on the importance of social media when it comes to launching a business in the year 2021, and her best advice for everyone hoping to be scouted. 

Name: Imogen Wilson
Nickname: Immy
Star sign: Capricorn

What role does Instagram play in your business? 
Instagram plays a huge role for Mimi Casting. Instagram is all about visibility. It allows talent and creatives, anyone really, to access Mimi and us to scout both locally and globally too. Going beyond what people look like, it helps keep us up to date within the world of our talent; seeing other peoples work, opinions and conversations is important to us.

What's been the most rewarding part of launching Mimi Casting?
Just doing it. I think having any tiny idea and turning it into something official is always rewarding and should be celebrated. Takes a lot of brain work.

And the most challenging?
Pushing through the business set up. Paperwork.

How would you describe the ethos behind Mimi Casting?
It's about kindness and guidance. It's about supporting both our talent and creative teams through the casting world, and about making sure everyone is treated well, confident in what they are working on and fully supported until the job is finished. Transparency is also important. I believe the more well-briefed talent are, the higher chances they will nail the job — and it's the same with clients. Never presume if you are unsure. Asking questions is important.

Any advice to someone hoping to be scouted?
Be transparent and patient. I often meet talent I adore and think about often, but the right project or opportunity hasn't come up yet to book them. Often it's right around the corner. Ask questions. The fashion and advertising industries can be a confusing place, especially for talent and creatives who are not super confident, experienced or educated about it all. It's okay to ask these questions even if they seem silly or as if you should already know the answer for some reason. If you are working with the right people, they should be able to provide clarity on anything you feel unsure about.

If Mimi Casting was…
A colour (combo): Pink and black
A mood: Pleased to meet you
A language: Love
A place: The World Wide Web

Features Editor: Emily Royal    Photos: Lula Cucchiara    Fashion: Imogen Wilson    Casting: Mimi Casting    Assistant: Sim Kaur

Roshan and Mykessha are represented by Kult
Oscar and Honor are represented by Stone Street
Danzo and Peace are self-represented


Shot on location in Sydney, Australia


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