Milla Brajkovich

Tāmaki Makaurau

— February 16, 2018 —

If you pictured your dream life, it’d probably look a lot like Milla’s actual one. The Auckland-based model lives on a vineyard in a lil’ place called Kumeu. She spent the entire summer visiting beaches and hanging out with her friends—at Whangamata beach over NYE, then to Omaha and Waipu Cove for the rest. Dreaaaamy. Her ideal day consists of a nice sleep in (“but not too late!”), being productive-ish in the morning, going out for dumplings for lunch with her bestie Anna, and hanging out with her friends and going out in a big group at night.

She spends a butt tonne of money on food, specifically dumplings and Japanese food, and reckons she could spend the rest of her life eating exclusively Japanese, she genuinely froths it that much. 

The little honey is still in school, where her favourite subjects are Science (minus Physics) and History. Once she graduates, she’s super excited to travel way more and not have to wake up as early anymore. We hear that. Outside of modelling, she gets her buzz from volleyball, debating, pilates, boxing, and of course, chilling with her mates. She’s curious about a good many things, but the thing that intrigues her most is “people’s minds and how much power and control they have the potential to have.” In terms of on-screen characters, she relates most to Anne Hathaway’s character in Princess Diaries “because I like to think I’m a bit of a Princess (in the best way possible!), but I don’t think I’d be good at it” [Laughs]. 

Her style sits at the intersection of classic and casual, and girly and street, all mixed together. At the moment, she’s especially vibing Isabel Marant and Miu Miu. Her ideal #lewk would be an easy summer dress, white sneakers, a cool handbag and really good sunglasses. When she grows up she wants to be happy, despite conceding how cheesy that sounds. Us too, DW! She’d pick a city over nature any day, because “something about certain cities really excites [her]”, but says nature is a pretty close second. 

While she herself was born in New Zealand, her grandparents hail from the beautiful Croatia. She loves visiting, although hasn’t been there in around 4 years. Whenever she does pop over to its sunny shores, she spends most of her time swimming and jumping off rocks and boats with friends and cousins, and also eating lots of gelato. See. Your dream life. She says she misses it and the sunshine immensely. 

To Milla, cool is “the sense of effortlessness and being confident in who you are and doing whatever you want.” Word. 


Words: Maddy Woon   Images: Lula Cucchiara   Fashion: Olivia Renouf

Milla is represented by Clyne

Shot on location around Auckland, New Zealand


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