Hometown Girls: Manahou Mackay

Tāmaki Makaurau

— July 1, 2019 —

Hold onto your socks, ladies and gents, because the amazing Mana Mackay is about to knock them right off! The NZ-based beauty sure knows how to live the good life, as evidenced by that time we asked to tag along with her as she hit up all of her favourite spots in Auckland, and emerged with the city guide of our intrepid dreams. 

Follow Mana around town in the above gallery—from painting at home and playing with her pup, to eating every vegan treat in town—then get to know her a lil’ better below… 


Can you give us the Mana elevator pitch?
My name is Mana Mackay and I’m eccentric (some would say insane). I love people who run on inspiration, and dislike dogmatic people. 

Where does your mind go when you think of the word ‘home’? 
Anywhere friendship is abundant.

What cultural or social changes do you hope to see happen in the next 10 years?
I hope SpaceEx's Mars launch comes to fruition. I hope veganism takes over the world. I hope to see the end of others trying to enforce the psychological shackles of old societal norms onto youth.

What are you most passionate about in life?
Realising my purpose. 

What’s your favourite thing about returning home after you’ve been away?
Being tackled by my dog that I haven't seen in months. *Insert clip of a man returning home from war to his pup.*

What would your 24-hour itinerary look like if you were to show someone around Auckland who’d never been before?
Begin the day with a walk at the dog park, then have breakfast at Kind in Morningside. We would then take a drive to my favourite hiking spot in Waitakere Ranges, that I never seem to remember the name of. Take a dip at Piha. Then to my house to clean up, cook dinner, drink wine and watch the sunset on the balcony. Meet up with all my beautiful friends and drink more than we should.

What’s a typical day in Auckland like for you? 
I am currently studying at The University of Auckland so my life has revolved around the campus in the city. Around midday I will go home and walk my dog and catch up on work that I can do from home, then sometimes I will go back to campus. Then, I will go to the gym (usually Body Balance), shower and maybe meet up with some friends to have dinner/drinks and unwind together, or stay home, eat too much food and watch too much Netflix.

Best refreshments can be found at: 
Wherever the Katayanagi twins are playing.

Best vegan treats are at: 
Tart Bakery, Dear Jervois, Kind and my kitchen, of course.

Best shopping is at: 
Any thrift store that is too far to handle.

Favourite spot to chill out: 
On my balcony with friends watching the sunset.

Best place to take a dip: 
Harry Barclay’s house.

Best nature walk: 
Any trail in the Waitakere Ranges.

If Auckland were an emoji:
🥃  ⛰

If Auckland were a YouTube video:
This is so hard.

If Auckland were a colour:
It's currently winter so I'm going to say a sad muted grey, speckled with burnt orange.

If Auckland were a song:
‘Breathe’ by Pink Floyd. 


Words: Maddy Woon    Photos: Daphne Nguyen    Fashion: Charlotte JenningsChloe Hill

Mana is represented by 62 Models AUCKLAND

Shot on location around Auckland, New Zealand


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