Alice Prybil


— July 14, 2017 —

Alice is a major QT from Stockholm who we recently shot in Gamla Stan, after dressing her up in a whole bunch of swish clothes by Acne Studios. She feels super lucky to have been born in Sweden, a country with great conditions, like “democracy, free health care and compulsory, free education.” She said that having such a stable upbringing made her infinitely curious about the world around her, ultimately leading her to move to Milan by herself at the tender age of 17, despite “not knowing anyone, or anything… like the language, and stuff.” 

The brave lil’ human said moving was the best thing she’s done (so far), because she “got to know a lot of people with different backgrounds and stories, who grew up with different conditions”, and that made her truly appreciate everything in her life. Uprooting her comfortable life in Stockholm and moving to Milan made her “see the world with different eyes”, and she thinks that experience really contributed to her growing up so quick. 

For anyone new to Stockholm, Alice would take them to Gamla Stan (the old city), to the amusement park, “Gröna Lund”, and to her house, so she “could cook a lot of Swedish specialties and make them cook some of their specialities for me!” Her favourite thing about being a young person living in 2017 is the spontaneity it affords, like “moving to the other side of the world and skydiving, or seeing how many pieces of sushi [she] can eat before [she] feels like dying.” FYI, she’s reached the astronomically impressive number of 35 pieces in one sitting so far, but she’ll keep you posted if that changes.  

Aside from modelling and being a hardcore travel-enthusiast, some of her favourite time-passers are hanging out with friends and cooking, or moreover cooking for, and with, her friends — the “perfect combo.” ICYMI, she loves to cook! She also loves to take her dog Fender out a big walk, and listen to music, which “pretty much occupies half [her] life.” To unwind, she spends time with friends and “awesome family”, exercises, listens to music, and “let’s face it”, watches Netflix in bed. *Pauses current show to nod in agreement.* When it comes to memes, she “can’t stop, won’t stop”, and the one word she can’t stop saying right now is ‘really’. Like, really. If she were a piece of IKEA furniture, she’d be a bed, for the following reason: “Imagine BEING a bed! It would be all cozy and warm, all day long, and I could just stay where I am, eating breakfast in bed all day, ‘cause well, I would BE the bed. Amazing.” Our minds are blown.

Alice definitely identifies as summer gal through-and-through, because there’s nothing in the world she hates as much as winter. An unfortunate stance, given that it’s winter in Sweden twice a year — it’s so dire that they have a saying in Sweden that “summer is the best day of the year”. Lol! For her, summer means that the “nights get longer, days get brighter, you can go bathing, go for picnics, you get tanned, and life just gets so, so much better.” Brb guys, I’ll be over here yearning for the Australian summer! 

She also identifies as a feminist, and doesn’t really understand why gender would matter at all — “that’s just some old lame shit that we have to get rid of” — (rightly) thinking that there should instead be “equality for all women, men and transgender [people].” Her idea of a perf date is as follows: “Imagine a warm, sunny day, and then just walking around in a park or a cool neighbourhood or something; just really simple and nice. Maybe having dinner at a cozy place you walk past — it doesn’t have to be something fancy or anything, just like really spontaneous and chill, all with someone you really like and you can laugh like crazy with. Yeah, I think that’s the perfect date.” Sounds it! 

When it comes to spirituality, she def believes in the laws of attraction, and the best advice she’s been given is “do what you want to do, and not what you think the people around you want you to do.” For her, being ‘cool’ and being ‘confident’ are pretty much the same thing. “Being cool is following yourself, and not giving a crap about what other people tell you to do or think. If you’re confident enough to go your own way through life you’re a cool person. A super cool one.” You’re pretty cool yourself, Alice! 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill

Alice is represented by:
Le Management STOCKHOLM

Das Models MILAN

Shot on location around Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden


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