Sister Act: Jemima And Kesia Magner In London


— November 15, 2018 —

Sisters are the best, and cutie pies Jemima and Kesia Magner are here to prove it. When they’re not killing it in their respective fields — Jemima as a model, and Kesia as a photographer — they’re hanging out non-stop, making each other laugh and living out their best lives as the London version of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 

We recently had the pleasure of hanging out with them, where we dressed them up in matching outfits around the ice-cream truck-studded streets of London, had them take turns interviewing each other, and left wishing we were part of the fam. See what we mean below…  

Jemima on Kesia… 

How would you describe Kesia in five words?
I would describe Kesia as “the best big sister ever.”  

What’s your first memory of her?
Eating those gross frankfurter mini sausages out of a jar naked when we lived in Spain, or driving a tractor at age five and crashing into a fence. 

And your fondest?
We've done everything together since the start our lives, so there’s too many good memories to count. Feeling like The Suite Life of Zack & Cody when our dad owned a hotel, going to Paris together for my birthday for the first time, or just every other day for the past 20 years when we LOL to the point where we can't breathe (tehe). 

If Kes was a song: Jets ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’
A Kardashian: KIM! 
Movie: The Twilight Saga
Season: Autumn
Emoji: Black moon 
Colour: Purple 
Life motto: “Take your time, don’t rush, be patient”  

Kesia on Jemima… 

How would you describe Kesia in five words?
I would describe Mime as sassy, clever, positive, kind and creative. 

What’s your first memory of her?
Pushing Mime into the river when she was strapped in her pram as a baby. 

And your fondest?
One of the first shoots we did together for Le Monde or picking up snakes under rocks in Cornwall. Or, going with Jemima backstage at a gig in Camden to visit my crush and hanging out with the band all night.

If Jemima was a song: Black Eyed Peas ‘My Humps’
A Kardashian: Kourtney
Movie: Sound Of Music
Season: Summer
Emoji: The purple devil with the smile
Colour: Aqua blue
Life motto: “Don't care”


What do you like to do in your spare time? 
Kesia: Take pictures of each other. 
Jemima: Kes takes pictures of her, and she takes pictures of me, at the same time. 
Kesia: And we dress up, and look cute. 
Jemima: “Past time: looking cute.” [Both laugh] 

What was the last thing you Googled?
Jemima: Oh, shit. We don’t have our phones. 
Kesia: Or data… Probably just like, ‘Where’s the closest Tesco?’ We’re always wanting food. 
Jemima: I think I looked up the difference between black lentils and red lentils. 

Who would play you in a biopic of your life?
Jemima: I don’t know about actor, but Kes always says I’m just like Kourtney Kardashian, because I can be… 
Kesia: … I’m not gonna lie, she can be a bit similar… 
Jemima: I’m just a bit honest! 
Kesia: She’s savage! 
Jemima: For you Kes, I’d say someone really clumsy. 
Kesia: I’m not clumsy. 
Jemima: Just a bit ditzy. 
Kesia: When I was younger people used to say that I looked like Amy Winehouse… 

Did your parents ever dress you the same?
Jemima: No, not really. We always dressed ourselves and we looked like messes. My go-to look was being naked or ponchos. An iconic look was this corduroy jacket paired with a thin, sparkly scarf and cadet pants. Fashion! Kesia's purple velvet catsuit was absolutely iconic.

What on-screen characters do you most relate to?
Obviously Mary-Kate and Ashley, not to be cliché.  

What do you guys get up to when you hang out together?
Both: We literally do everything together, but we did just start ice skating again! Our main focus right now is working on The Girls Agency. 

What social or cultural changes do you hope to see happen in the next 10 years?
Both: We’d hope that Instagram — and social media in general — isn’t as prominent among young people, as we really think it affects the mind. And, fingers flipping crossed that people get their act together and slow down in the fashion industry. The waste from fast fashion in particular is outrageous, and we hope the use of unnecessary plastic everywhere is reduced!

Why do you think female relationships (in all their forms) are so important?
Both: Female relationships are just as important as any other, it’s just that women make the world go round! Relationships act as a guide to finding out who we are, and learning from other people plays an important role in understanding yourself. 


Words: Maddy Woon    Photos: Ebony Talijancich     Fashion: Chloe Hill    Casting: Iris Luz

Shot on location in Peckham, London


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