PRETTY COOL: Fendi's Vertigo Capsule


— August 27, 2021 —

Need a momentary break from reality? Take a daytrip inside the sunny kaleidoscope of Fendi's 'Vertigo' capsule, presented here for CPC by Ellen Virgona and Mimi Casting.

New York-based artist Sarah Coleman brought her signature playful touch to the heritage house's summer sojourn, twisting the famous double-F logo in a palette of lemon yellow, sky blue and grass green. The result is a smiley reminder, for anyone who needs it, to step outside, touch grass, feel sand, and soak up some vitamin D. Or at the very least open a window.



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Features Editor: Emily Royal    Photos: Ellen Virgona    Fashion: Imogen Wilson    Casting: Mimi Casting

Armani is represented by People
Daila is represented by PriscillasPeople
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