Brynn Bonner


— October 7, 2018 —

Beautiful Brynn grew up in Tennessee, where she had “the best childhood” growing up exploring the woods and camping with her fam. If anyone were to visit, she’d take them to Centennial Park in Nashville to see the Parthenon—a huge replica of the original one in Athens packed with history inside—and then on a honky-tonk bar hop to hear some real country music twang (sign us up!). Her fave thing about her hometown, tho, is her family, who she sees as her “foundation and roots.” 

The qt recently relocated to NYC, which was challenging at first, but now that’s she’s gotten “over the learning curve and mastered how to dodge in crowds”, she’s loving every minute of it. “The most rewarding thing [about living in NYC], I would say, is surviving,” she says, laughing. “Honestly, though, being able to live in New York itself everyday is amazing—there's always new things and people from all over the world coming to visit. It's an incredible city.”

She’s currently living in Brooklyn and reckons it has everything you could ever need. As a thrift lover, one of her favourite places to shop is Beacon’s Closet, and for a cheap eat, she (rightly) asserts that nothing beats a late night dollar pizza slice. For the best coffee, she’d recommend heading across the bridge to Black Cat in the Lower East Side. 

Outside of modelling, she loves sleep the most. “I’m in a long distance relationship with my bed, and can’t wait to see it again when I’m done travelling,” she says, in what is maybe the most relatable sentence of my life. Other than that, she’s a self-described “jack of all trades, but master of none.” What does this entail? “I can tell you now I've been into wire jewellery making, but last week it was sketch journaling, then next week it could be kickboxing,” she explains. “I want to try everything once, within reason of course.” 

She’s most curious about other people in life, despite not identifying as a people person. As an introvert, she’s trying to make a point of breaking out of her shyness and introducing herself more, ‘cause she loves hearing people’s stories and how they came to be where they are. Having grown up in a religious household, she would def say she’s a spiritual. It’s something she wants to figure out for herself more, but for right now, her M.O. is to love herself and others, and to help whenever possible. <3. 

The best piece of advice she’s received is the Portuguese saying ‘Que sera, sera’ from her mum, which translates to ‘Whatever will be, will be.’

Her own personal mantra that she often shares is, ‘You are enough’, because it’s “simple, sweet and packed with reassurance.” If she was forced to only eat one meal for the rest of her life, she’d have to go with her dad’s weekend breakfast, which consists of biscuits, bacon, gravy, eggs and a cup of coffee made from their favourite coffee brand, El Pico. A coffee addiction wasn’t the only thing she inherited from her old man, she also got her most treasured piece of clothing from him as well—an oversized and super soft Johnny Cash t-shirt. “I can't really remember when he gave it to me or why—I might've stolen it,” she recalls with a laugh. “It's something I've had for the longest time, and through all of my journeys, and it always makes me think of him and home.” 

Her fave thing about modelling is definitely having friends all over the world. When she started out, she had no clue how the girls she encountered seemed to know so many people, but she’s finding more and more that she’s turning into that person who knows many people wherever they go. The one thing she’d change about the industry, however, is how closed it is. “You can feel isolated and unable to talk to someone about your struggles mentally and physically,” she says. “Not much is known about the industry, really, and how you should go about it while taking proper care of yourself too, and I want that to change. We send underage girls overseas into new and sometimes unsafe environments and they feel they can't speak of it. I always tell new girls I meet to always feel welcome to ask questions because it’s okay—you're never alone.” 

The cultural shift that she’s already witnessing and most excited about, but can’t wait to see further pushed, is acceptance. “There are so many different people on this earth, and no one is the same,” she says. “We all share the same space, and everything works better with love and acceptance of one another.” 

For her, female friendships are also incredibly important in order to strengthen and lift each other up. “What do we gain from doing the opposite?” she posits. “Models take care of each other—we know we’re all going through the same exhausting things everyday, and it helps so much to receive a hug and smile. We are already strong, but together we can be stronger.” Truth! 


Words: Maddy Woon    Photos: Ebony Talijancich     Fashion: Chloe Hill

Brynn is represented by:
Models1 LONDON

Shot on location in Regents Park, London


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