Five Fresh Faces, Five Fresh Pairs Of Sneakers


— December 19, 2018 —

Hey guys, welcome to the second half of December! Bet you’re all thinking, “Whew, time really went fast this year!”, and you are not wrong. Life feels like it’s slippin’ thru our fingers faster than sands through the hourglass (these are the days of our lives). Case in point: DYK that it’s been an entire year since our gal Daphne Nguyen shot her first editorial for us in Sydney’s Kings Cross? Wo-ow! 

To celebrate the CPC x Daph friendiversary, we dropped into the skate bowl at Bondi beach with five fresh faces and five fresh pairs of sneakers—from Gucci Flashtreks to LV Archlights—in tow. Clothes wizard Gemma Keil was there to style the sneakers into the outfits of your hypebeast dreams, and models Nynke, Cindy, Phoebe, Zac and Joe were there to bring it all to life. (If you’re wondering why Phoebe is so flexi, it’s because she moonlights as dancer/yogi! Fun facts!). 

Check out the cuties and start planning which sneakers belong on your Chrissy wishlist in the gallery above!


Words: Maddy Woon    Photos: Daphne Nguyen    Fashion: Gemma Keil   Production: Chloe Hill

Nynke and Joe are represented by IMG
Cindy and Zac are represented by Chadwick
Phoebe is represented by Kult 

Shot on location at Bondi Skate Park in Sydney


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