Mercy Sang


— February 7, 2017 —

Mercy is a 21-year-old model / master of the pantsuit from Melbourne. The cute angel was recently featured in Vogue, a “surreal” experience that she “still hasn’t processed yet”. Her philosophy on life might be simple, but it’s definitely one that we can get around — she believes in treating others how you would like others to treat you. 

If you want #flawless skin like hers (of course you do), then ditch your morning black bean and cop a glass of hot lemon water instead. Like any sane person living in 2017, she’d like to see more diversity in the modelling industry, and to her the best thing about her job is being a part of the creative process, because she alleges she has “no creative bone” in her body. We can vouch for the exact opposite of this, though. 

If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life it would be french fries, and her most treasured item of clothing is her Louis Vuitton bandeau that a v special mate got her for her birthday. To her, being cool is “being yourself; the people who I admire or think are ‘cool’ are unapologetically themselves.” Preach. 

Words: Maddy Woon        Images: Chloé Hill

Mercy is represented by FiveTwenty Model Management SYDNEY

Shot on location at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia


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