PRETTY COOL: Gucci's Velvet G Lurex Skirt


— January 24, 2018 —

Next time you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go, maybe consider taking yourself on a date to the beach. You really haven’t lived until you’ve felt the sand between your toes and the sun beaming down on your face while dripping in Gucci. Just ask Beck Hume

We recently dressed the Sagittarius babe up in a Holiday hoodie (because holidayers do it better, didn’t you know?) and the multicoloured metallic Gucci skirt (skrrt) of your dreams down at Bronte. Peep the spectacular results above and then get to know Beck and her hometown Adelaide a lil’ better below. 

Nickname: Beck is my nickname. Rebecca in full, but don’t call me that [laughs]

Star sign: Sagittarius 

Where are you originally from, and where do you live now? 
I’m originally from Adelaide, and I still live there. 

What’s your favourite thing about Adelaide?
How small it is. You know pretty much everything and everyone. 

Where do you like to shop and eat there?
I usually shop and snack at the same time down on Rundle Street. 

How do you like to spend your time outside of modelling?
I usually spend it with my friends going out for lunch or at home with my family. 

What do you want do be when you grow up?
I think a criminologist could be fun. 


Words: Maddy Woon    Images & Fashion: Chloe Hill

Beck is represented by IMG 

Shot on location at Bronte Beach in Sydney


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