PRETTY COOL: Valentino's Pink Puffer


— August 25, 2020 —

Freestyler, rock the microphone. Can someone please call Bomfunk MC and tell him that we urgently need to re-film the video for his glitchy 1999 floor-filler with our friend Eddie and this perfect pink specimen? Made from strawberry Hubba Bubba and actual clouds this Valentino jacket transforms its wearer into the cosiest, cutest Michelin (hu)man. Here, Sydney-based model and student Eddie shows off the versatility of this marvel of modern design which can be worn frontwards, backwards, hood up, hood down, zipped and unzipped. 

Get a crash course in powerpuff dressing — a made up trend that we think is going to be HUGE this year — via these images shot and styled by our pal Imogen Wilson in Sydney. Then, get up to speed on Eddie’s year, which has included such highlights as getting into his dream university, blaring MGMT records and drinking tea at home.

What’s the coolest thing to have happened to you since we last spoke (in March)?
I got into university at a great school!

How would you describe 2020 in a sentence?
A bit of a speed bump I guess.

What album has got you through the year so far?
Little Dark Age by MGMT and I always get around Revolver by the Beatles.
What's the funnest fun fact you know?
There are more trees on earth than stars in our galaxy.
Best thing about winter? And the worst?
You can wear as much clothing as you want without overheating 😊 & the sun setting early.
What does your ideal winter’s day look like?
Probably just hanging out drinking tea at home [laughs].
What’s your thought process when getting dressed in the morning during winter?
As long as I’m warm I’m happy with my outfit lol.
How do you stay warm while looking cool? 
I swear 90% of my heat is lost thru my hands, so fingerless gloves are always part of my winter fit. And a hoodie and or jacket and gloves (fingerless of course).


Feature: Lucy Jones     Photos & Fashion: Imogen Wilson   Assistant: Mia Wilson

Eddie is represented by Kult


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