— August 25, 2017 —

Lil’ ripper Evelina was born in New Zealand, but has since made the great voyage across the sea to Sydney, Australia. She grew up in a small beach town, and says the creative industry there (in particular the fashion industry) was limited, and is only gradually starting to get bigger. 

The most important people in her life are her fam and close mates, whether she sees them errry day or not at all for extended periods of time. She doesn’t have a fave place in the world, and instead likes to park up at any “nice spot near the coast or beach” to relax and take a brief respite from city lyfe. The traits she looks for in a friendship changes for all the different people she comes across, but a few commonalities are trust, sense of humour, and sometimes love. 

Evelina reckons female friendships are particularly important because the “female friendships [she does] have in her life make the world seem that much easier, especially when you can relate on a personal level… and humour is always a bonus.” The most fi-yah book she’s read recently is The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson, and her thought pattern when getting dressed in the morning is simply “Will I look good in this?” Tru!

She was raised on a diet of Absolutely Fabulous, and she cites that as being the catalyst for her interest in the fashion industry. In terms of the women she most looks up to, she says she admires the different qualities inherent in the women who raised her, and in those who she is currently surrounded by, and “could not pick one or the other.” Cheers, sweetie darling! 


Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Asia Typek   Fashion: Ilkin Kurt

Evelina is represented by:
Priscillas SYDNEY


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