CPC Beauty: ‘Kool Thing’


— July 9, 2020 —

If you’re in the mood for staring at beautiful visages and feeling endlessly inspired by the 90s-inspired makeup that enhances them, then this is your lucky day! 

With Sarah Adamson behind the lens, Claire Thomson on makeup, Kyye spinning magic in the hairdressers set and Miguel Urbina Tan taking care of clothes, our latest beauty shoot was a real CPC fam affair. If you recognise the super sweet faces of Phoebe, Kristen, Sanne and Kiesha too, it’s probs because you've seen them around this neck of the woods. A big round of applause for Crystal—the latest to join the crew <3. 

With the introductions over, let’s all party in the gallery above together like it’s 1999.


Feature: Madeleine Woon     Photos: Sarah Adamson     Makeup: Claire Thomson     Hair: Kyye Reed using Oribe     Fashion: Miguel Urbina Tan

Phoebe, Kristen, Sanne, Kiesha & Crystal are represented by Kult


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