Friendly Faces at Copenhagen Fashion Week


— February 4, 2020 —

By now it should be prettttty obvious that we are completely and hopelessly in love with Copenhagen Fashion week. Can you blame us? 

If CPHFW’s environmentally progressive ethos and talented homegrown designers weren’t enough to win you over, their joy-inducing street style might just do the trick. 

In lieu of a street style uniform, we were tickled to find that no two looks outside the shows were the same. There were cowboy hats, there were candy-coloured maxi dresses, there were cloud-like puffer jackets, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there were many, many fire lewks congregated on the pavements outside the shows. 

Head to the gallery above to find proof of this statement (+ to say to a bunch of cute attendees!).

Feature: Madeleine Woon     Photos: Chloe Hill


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